Determining Value Add Workforce Insight?

Sam Hill suggests that the workforce analytics proposition will be measured exclusively by the value it delivers to its audience; in particular the extent to which workforce insight is leveraged to in... Continue reading

The Capability Challenge for Workforce Analytics

Sam Hill examines the Capability Challenge facing the discipline of Workforce Analytics Experience tells me that workforce analytics is not something that can be ‘done in the margins’ – dedicated res... Continue reading

Time Sheet functionality in Employee Central

Thought I would share a look at the new Payroll Time Sheet functionality in Employee Central. This is available as demo only (in 1408) with proposed live availability post 1411. Having spent a long ti... Continue reading

Sparking an Interest! - By Craig Mackie

Did you know that there are 16 operational nuclear reactors in the UK, 10 retired stations, most of the generating units have been with us for around 27 years on average and every ten years or so they... Continue reading

The Quality Challenge facing the Workforce Analyst

Sam Hill examines the 'Quality' Challenge Facing today's Workforce Analyst: I worked with a client a few years ago, and during the engagement we framed the three top generic challenges for the workfo... Continue reading

The Evolution of Workforce Analytics

The minimum acceptable standard for people related information and insight has risen at an accelerated rate over recent years; Sam Hill, our global practice lead for workforce analytics, maps this evo... Continue reading


Whilst our kids are at school their interests will be playing conkers, though actually that is now banned in the UK, running around the playground kicking a football or swapping their latest Pokemon c... Continue reading

The SWFP Imperative in the Oil & Gas Industry: Engineers Command Top Dollar by Regan Klein

The skills shortage in the engineering field has been well documented as a threat to organizations across industries; however, the Oil & Gas industry (O&G) has seemingly been hit the hardest a... Continue reading

Implementing SuccessFactors Employee Central with a SAP background

My background is technical and focused on SAP, so invariably cloud implementations were going to bring new challenges. Looking for knowledge on what to expect in terms of project management I found th... Continue reading

HR Renewal - FAQs

What is HR Renewal? HR Renewal is part of SAP's HR core renovation program, which is aimed to boost productivity of HR Professionals and increase HR efficiency. This program shows SAP's commitment i... Continue reading

Big Data for non-healthcare insurers

The traditional management approaches and culture of insurance companies have been conservative and relatively unchanged over the past few decades. A paradigm shift is now underway, with leading insur... Continue reading

Align data with strategic goals

Every organization, be it a publicly traded company, a private for-profit company, a non-profit organization, a government agency, or a quasi-governmental entity, has strategic goals. At minimum, the ... Continue reading

ROI calculation process

The three most common methods of calculating Return on Investment (ROI) are net present value (NPV), rate of return (yield), and payback period (break-even analysis). Cost of Capital An understandin... Continue reading

Integrating data is difficult

... expensive, and requires top management support. To gain that support, senior management must recognize the value of data integration and understand that the reasons for it are to support basic org... Continue reading

SAP Travel management: My Employees list

In the SAP Travel management Portal, it is possible to maintain a list of employees for whom you need to manage trips and expense reports. This is most frequently used where a Travel administrator ent... Continue reading

Employee Self-Service UI Changes

With the arrival of the new WebDynpro ABAP-based Employee Self-Service solutions, many companies are ready to use the new features and improved look and feel offered in Enhancement Packs 5 and 6. Howe... Continue reading

Calculating the ROI for data quality

There have been a number of proposals presented to understand this topic. However, most have been provided by software vendors touting their wares. To truly arrive at an software-agnostic ROI value, I... Continue reading

Building the case for analytics

When working directly with customers and prospects alike, I've always been surprised on their rationale for deploying an analytics capability. Most have the underlying desire to see the results of the... Continue reading

The business value of data

Quantifying the value of data is an extremely difficult proposition. Invariably, it becomes an impracticality to determine the intrinsic value of a specific piece of data, often resulting in either the business or Information Technology group to be unable to demonstrate the ROI to the business and get funding approval for a data-related initiative.

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Simpler is Better: A Perspective on Workforce Analytics by Regan Klein

A quick search on any of the main HR websites, blogs, or latest research reports will tell you that 2013 is predicted to be a year of change.  Workforce trends are showing signs of a rebounding e... Continue reading

Taking a bite out of Hibernate's LazyInitializationException

Here at EPI-USE Labs, we love Hibernate. We love how it abstracts away the underlying database and presents us with a familiar object model. We love how it allows us to traverse the object graph throu... Continue reading

SAP Going Mainstream

Many technologies follow the predictable path of moving from the military to industry to consumers. As they continue down this path and become more pervasive, the technology becomes less expensive, ea... Continue reading

More quick tips for 2012 Year End Processing!

As promised, here is the second installment for 2012 Year End Processing. Here are some more quick tips for you to take into consideration to ensure your year end goes smoothly.

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Year End 2012 Processing - don't fall behind! By: Vicky Boshoff

As an SAP HCM and Payroll Professional, you may be already thinking about Year End 2012 Processing.     It is recommended to start with the YE2012 process as early as September, but no later than October, to ensure your business does not fall behind. As always, EPI-USE brings you important and timely information to help you plan and execute your SAP Year-end 2012 processing successfully!

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SAP HCM Reporting - Why your BI adoption rates are so low - by Rick Grantham

I hear this from almost every new SAP HCM customer that I talk to. They have spent a time and money, and yet don't understand why adoption rates are so low for their HCM Reporting solution. In truth, this problem is not unique to HCM. The answer as to why your SAP HCM Business Intelligence adoption rates are so low typically can be categorized into two areas:

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