HR Renewal - FAQs

What is HR Renewal? HR Renewal is part of SAP's HR core renovation program, which is aimed to boost productivity of HR Professionals and increase HR efficiency. This program shows SAP's commitment i... Continue reading

Big Data for non-healthcare insurers

The traditional management approaches and culture of insurance companies have been conservative and relatively unchanged over the past few decades. A paradigm shift is now underway, with leading insur... Continue reading

More quick tips for 2012 Year End Processing!

As promised, here is the second installment for 2012 Year End Processing. Here are some more quick tips for you to take into consideration to ensure your year end goes smoothly.

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Year End 2012 Processing - don't fall behind! By: Vicky Boshoff

As an SAP HCM and Payroll Professional, you may be already thinking about Year End 2012 Processing.     It is recommended to start with the YE2012 process as early as September, but no later than October, to ensure your business does not fall behind. As always, EPI-USE brings you important and timely information to help you plan and execute your SAP Year-end 2012 processing successfully!

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Options for SAP HCM Payroll Data Integrations – By Nancy Lawson

s the former sole author for the SAP “Classic” Outsourcing integration product development, I have spent years observing what clients are looking for and need.  At the same time observing and documenting what Service Providers require and need over those years.   It was also necessary to be cognizant of the future developments in the IT Integration marketplace.

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Why I am Excited About the SAP Roadmap (or How I Learned to Love the Unknown) By Fiona Morris

When I first started learning SAP back in 1989 it was a cutting edge technology providing a brand-new technical edge to businesses (mainly in Europe) – integrated enterprise software. This was innovative and really bleeding edge stuff! Transactions were navigated via the ‘OK Code’ (no fancy menus) and to work within the applications and use the function codes (no save, change or create icons) a working command of German definitely helped.  Table names were either memorized or found via the handy fold-out cards we received at training, and the end-user experience could be in either green, white or orange font on a black 3270 terminal screen). Pretty high-tech stuff. Life was mainframe, assembler and nascent ABAP/4. And we were happy.

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Evaluating Your eLearning: Does it Measure Up? – By Jonathan Atleson

Scenario: you have been asked to review some existing eLearning and make recommendations for improvement. Where do you start? How do you organize your thoughts? Here are some suggestions.

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How Good is Your Global? By Fiona Morris

Globalization is changing wholesale the definition of the organization and its employees.  Talent Management has stretched far beyond knowing your local team to really leveraging your global workforce, and Compensation programs must tie in complex local standards, corporate goals and align to local strategic initiatives. Additionally, Employees are more mobile with Global Commuting and International Short Term Assignments becoming far more common than the lengthy Expat Assignments of old.   The global HR function is moving beyond ‘Best Practice to ‘Next Practice’.

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Walking the Line: Travel management – an HR or a FI function? By Vicky Boshoff

Everywhere I’ve implemented Travel management in the last 10 years, there’s been the same territorial tug of war between the Human Resources (HR) and Finance (FI) Departments. Sometimes, both Departments are battling for control over the new module, and other times it’s like watching a game of Hot Potato.

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HRIS Data Integration with the Cloud by Nancy Lawson

With the introduction of “The Cloud”, the meaning of data integration changed to many different shapes and forms.  There’s the simple data and the more complex data requiring Metadata default definitions or logic to encapsulate them.   The most difficult of all Cloud structures, on a worldwide basis, are the Object definitions to run country individual payrolls.  From what I have seen, there have been versions that graphically appear as a “spaghetti process” in a very busy highway of code, or totally 100% customized - leaving clients with a supporting issue.  Nevertheless, there are solutions that prove simple and successful in ensuring not only the integrity of the data, but the security and rapid process with ongoing support.   The methodology necessary  is the well-known “K.I.S.S.” method (Keep it simple stupid).  Everyone configuring or developing integrated solutions concentrate on complexities first without consciously weeding out the ‘Nice to have’ processes or ensuring redundancy is being considered.  With Cloud object processing, we are moving IT in the right direction.  It is necessary to sit back and focus objectively on the actual data usage itself.

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"I Told You So" By Riaan Vermeulen

I don't really like to say: "I told you so” but I told you so. A few years ago, while I was heading up HRIS for a leading Pharmaceutical company, I evaluated various Performance Management applications. We ended up selecting SuccessFactors. Now, you would say, of course you did. It was and still is the best of the best-of-breed solutions available on the market. What made my decision unusual at the time was that I do everything on SAP. I am what you may call a hard-core SAP HCM veteran. I started my SAP career in 1994 on version 2.1c and have built my entire career on this fantastic software.  SAP has been good for me and for those customers that I have helped by implementing it.

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Talent Management at SAPPHIRENOW By Jon Jenkins

As I write this, there will be 26 SuccessFactors sessions and 6 SAP Talent Management sessions offered at the ASUG Annual Conference, SAPPHIRENOW on May 14-16, 2012.  Clearly, this sends a message - and confirms the mantra that SuccessFactors is the “go-forward” Talent Management solution of the future.  For the most part, the sessions appear to be an equal mix of presentations, demos, and discussions – however, as an attendee, I would be most interested in participating in the discussions to not only hear from the experts, but most importantly from the customers.  Last month, at the SAP HR Conference (HR 2012), I attended a microforum, The Value of Integrated Talent Management, which was hosted by representatives from both SAP and SuccessFactors.  I think the hosts did a great job – especially under the circumstances where the attendees were extremely passionate with their views and had plenty of questions.  Overall, the audience accepted answers such as “we’ll know more soon” and “that’s one of the first things we’ll be working on”.  However, now that more time has passed from the official acquisition date, I can only imagine that people will have less patience and will demand answers to all of their questions.

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Using jQuery Mobile as a Framework for mLearning – by Cornel Rautenbach

With the rise of the Apple iPad and smartphones with fast processors, intelligent user-interfaces, sufficient data transfer rates using wireless technologies, long-lasting batteries and high definition displays, the term mLearning has become a hot topic under eLearning developers and Instructional Designers.  But what is mLearning and how can you get involved in the hype with an easy-to-use tool?

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Business Process Improvement – Post go-live Part 2: By Maureen Haggarty

You’ve decided to revisit a process that got better after you implemented your SAP module, but you can tell it has some problems. You are not sure how to look at so you can describe it fully and find all of the pain-points and bottlenecks.There are some critical questions to ask that my colleague, Rick Grantham suggested.These are listed below and can be found in part 2 of his blog.

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SAP Grants Management (GM) Module, do I really need it? If I do, how do I do it right? By Monette McNicholas

You received grant monies, now what to do?How do you manage the grants? How do you report on it? More importantly, how will you bill for it?You have SAP but do not currently use the SAP Grants Management module; instead you use WBS elements or Internal Order to track your grant.Maybe you are already using SD billing to create your billing or you use manual billing.

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Is your SAP System ‘Beach Body’ Ready? By Fiona Morris

You’ve seen it touted from every magazine cover on news-stands and at the supermarket: “1 week to a Better Beach Body !”, “14 days to a whole new you!”, “A cardio plan that really works!”

The benefits of the beach-body and healthy new you are many, and indisputable. But what is the best part of that promised beach body? You are energized, healthier, stronger and able to take on anything that comes your way!

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Some Global Project Lessons Learned – By Allan Zoutendyk

After some years in the project management environment, it has become apparent that there are recurring themes as we continually relearn the key points that will set you off on the right foot as you engage in a global program. Although cliché, I believe it is true that every project is different; however there are some fundamentals that will assist in ensuring your global project is successful.

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You have selected the best ERP, now what? By Jyoti Sharma

What is it about ERP implementations that make them so risky and subject to failure? You utilized your best resources to sail you through the RFP and vendor selection process and select the best integration partner to shoulder the implementation with you, but more often implementations fail despite the best technical and functional resources and most important good intentions from both parties aimed at the same goal.

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ADDIE Squared: A Deep Dive into eLearning Project Management - By Jonathan Atleson

This post addresses the following questions that commonly arise in training projects, especially when eLearning is used:


  • What should I expect in the training development process?
  • Who is involved at various stages in the process?
  • Why do you produce so many documents and have so many review checkpoints?
  • Can’t we just skip ahead and start developing?


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Business Process Improvement – Post go-live (Part 1): By Maureen Haggarty

When you implemented your SAP modules, you probably created business process flows to understand the impact of SAP on your current work efforts.You probably found ways to improve those processes, not just through the SAP module, but also because you looked at the full scope of your process and could identify pain points and bottlenecks.But, you probably haven’t been back to those processes now that you are live with your SAP module.

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Do you care if you have a succession plan? by Jyoti Sharma

What does succession planning and leadership development mean to you? Is it just a fad that organizations are compelled to subscribe to so they can meet the criteria of being a 21st century organization that believes in the modern best practices of doing business? Talent Management has been selling on bookshelves and boardrooms under various avatars. Organizations have been spending millions on implementing the latest and greatest talent management ERP systems in the hope that it will solve their chronic dysfunctional HR processes. In this blog I share some observations from corporations across various industries during my consulting career and serve it with my learning and analysis of these observations backed by findings of eminent research firms.

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Designing eLearning for a Global SAP Implementation - By Jonathan Atleson

This post describes a recent eLearning solution and provides tips for successful training.

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HR 2012: E-Recruiting live demo (Part 2) – By Jon Jenkins

As a follow-up to my previous blog HR2012: E-Recruiting live demo (Part 1), I would like to include more details about each of the topics that will be included in my live demonstration at HR 2012, as well as highlight the latest functionality that will be included from Enhancement Package 5.

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Leveraging SAP LSO for your Extended Learning Community – By: Verdun Boshoff

EPI-USE has recently been involved with the customer validation testing of the SAP external learning solution (xLSO). We became involved in providing input and testing because of a need we saw at most of our regulated clients where they were building work around or custom solutions to address the following use cases:

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SAP E-Recruiting Interfaces: From A Developer's Perspective - By Joe Lee

So, you find yourself on an E-Recruiting implementation that requires interfaces to third-party vendors. Where do you start? This blog will highlight some of the main steps in order for developers to successfully manage and develop third-party interfaces from the ground up. Let's jump right into it: Continue reading