HR Renewal - FAQs

What is HR Renewal? HR Renewal is part of SAP's HR core renovation program, which is aimed to boost productivity of HR Professionals and increase HR efficiency. This program shows SAP's commitment i... Continue reading
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Big Data for non-healthcare insurers

The traditional management approaches and culture of insurance companies have been conservative and relatively unchanged over the past few decades. A paradigm shift is now underway, with leading insur... Continue reading
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More quick tips for 2012 Year End Processing!

As promised, here is the second installment for 2012 Year End Processing. Here are some more quick tips for you to take into consideration to ensure your year end goes smoothly.

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Year End 2012 Processing - don't fall behind! By: Vicky Boshoff

As an SAP HCM and Payroll Professional, you may be already thinking about Year End 2012 Processing.     It is recommended to start with the YE2012 process as early as September, but no later than October, to ensure your business does not fall behind. As always, EPI-USE brings you important and timely information to help you plan and execute your SAP Year-end 2012 processing successfully!

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Options for SAP HCM Payroll Data Integrations – By Nancy Lawson

s the former sole author for the SAP “Classic” Outsourcing integration product development, I have spent years observing what clients are looking for and need.  At the same time observing and documenting what Service Providers require and need over those years.   It was also necessary to be cognizant of the future developments in the IT Integration marketplace.

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