Data Services

EPI-USE offers a range of data services targeted for clients with a multitude of needs. We assist and enable organisations to achieve their strategic objectives and to broaden their competitive edge by advising, mentoring and assisting with data management implementations ranging from standing up the Data Governance Council through to a Data Quality Assessment.

Our client base includes national, international and global organisations that require an adaptable, credible and flexible partner that can provide best practice, tried and tested Data Management through a consistent and repeatable framework approach.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced individuals, many of whom are considered thought-leaders in their fields. We believe strongly in certification and education and strive to enable our team in obtaining the internationally recognised DAMA International Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) accreditation. We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain a culture of innovation, focus and adaptability.

Regional & Global Footprint

EPI-USE has offices not just in South Africa, but also in 33 countries throughout the world and offers data services wherever the client takes us.

Data Services Methodology & Framework

The EPI-USE Data Services employs the DAMA International Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK) as our preferred Data Services methodology framework. This internationally recognised framework represents not only the accepted functions of Data Management, but also suggests the activities, tasks, processes and procedures to be followed.

The DMBoK is the globally acknowledged reference book on Data Management and has been contributed to by well over 100 data management professionals in the industry.

Our Data Services methodology and framework map directly to the functions of Data Management and enables a practical approach to managing data.

We are driven by our clients' needs and requirements and implement the methodology and framework in an innovative, flexible and agile manner.