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Personnel Cost Planning is a cost projection tool (budgeting tool) that enables you to make comparisons and planned-vs.-actual cost analyses, providing management with a comprehensive cost picture.

Personnel Cost Planning helps you to:

  • Forecast labour costs
  • Compare target and actual personnel costs
  • Predict wages, salaries and cost components for vacant and occupied positions. You can use simulated or actual payroll results as a basis for these predictions.

Personnel Cost Planning can take position vacancies into account, and therefore offers greater accuracy. Personnel Cost Planning also has the ability to factor organisational changes, such as staffing reductions or increases, into calculations. This ability is particularly helpful if your company plans an expansion, a downsizing or a general re-organisation. Personnel costs are extracted according to the organisational units within an organisational structure. You can select a single organisational unit, a handful, or even the entire structure if you wish. If you need to group certain organisational units into separate areas, you can arrange them into scenario groups. Cost planning itself is carried out by developing and comparing different costing scenarios. A scenario contains a set of calculation results. The results may represent actual, previewed or projected costs, over a specified length of time.

Different planning scenarios can be simulated that are based on various assumptions and the effects they have on the company can be analyzed.

Personnel Cost Planning & Simulation


EPI-USE can assist with a solution that will provide your Company with the following benefits:

  • One consolidated and integrated Personnel Cost Plan for all the organisational units.
  • Opportunity to centralise budgeting process.
  • Save costs of independent upgrades.
  • Central reporting across the Organisational structures.
  • Opportunity to benefit from centralised Personnel Cost Planning process.





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