EPI-USE Platinum Accreditations

The EPI-USE Platinum Time Management Accreditation for SAP® ERP HCM was launched in response to problems arising when integrating external time solutions from various vendors with the SAP system during project commissioning.

This service includes a graded end-to-end testing process to test various aspects of vendor-supplied hardware, such as access card readers. All testing is measured on a five-star rating system and makes provision for the testing of all standard HR-PDC functionality and the Advanced Time Process Manager (ATPM).

Demo Centre

For EPI-USE Platinum Time Management Accreditation we offer a demo centre where third party access control vendors can test their software integration to SAP.


The EPI-USE Solution Testing and Grading Center brings great value to testing and certification procedures, such as

  • Greater understanding and appreciation of the hardware specifications needed to meet the functional requirements between the customer and the time clocking vendor.
  • Elimination of project cost and time overruns due to mismatch between vendor hardware and project functional requirements.
  • Access to a fully documented solution-tested process, e.g. reader, software, database, testing scripts, results and finding and certificate.
  • Transparency - no more hidden costs or unnecessary additional developments.
  • Vendor registration in our database after testing and accreditation. The vendor is promoted with each SAP software implementation globally.
  • Enhanced knowledge transfer between external clocking system vendor, SAP consultant and client.
  • Grading aspect helps reduce risk and highlights which SAP ERP HCM functionality can be used with purchased hardware.
  • Makes use of best time management business process practices.
  • Access to our customers and clients.
  • Access to the latest SAP functionality and SAP opportunities.
  • Access to the EPI-USE Demo Center.
  • Access to our development team to assist with the development and enhancement of solution interfaces and functionality.
  • Testing of a complete end-to-end solution, from hiring on SAP ERP HCM, to time management processes, to payment in SAP ERP HCM Payroll.

EPI-USE Accredited Partners

Certified PartnerHR-PDCXI/PIATP ManagerLogic AcceleratorStar RatingDate Certified
Stanley Security Solutions 29/10/2010
Skycom 07/07/2011