SAPortals highlights DSM in its latest newsletter

Posted in EPI-USE News

The 21st August 2012 edition of SAPortals electronic newsletter focuses on the merits of Data Sync Manager in landscape optimisation.

If you have never worked with DSM before, read on – it could just save your project! If you’re considering a system split, or carve-out, or there’s a merger or acquisition looming, see what DSM offers before settling on any alternative approach.

For the past 10 years, Data Sync Manager (DSM) from EPI-USE Labs has led the pack in the area of “downstream” copying of data, i.e. from Production to a test system. However, not many people are aware of its powerful capabilities when it comes to moving data into Production. Of course, no-one wants to overwrite live data accidentally, so this functionality can only be used under controlled conditions and is not covered by the standard terms of use. Unlike the day-to-day activity of creating test data, moving data into Production is typically project-related and culminates in a single cut-over event. Our experienced consultants oversee all the crucial parts of the project.

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