Workforce Management

In business there is a direct link between success and time management. When you manage and control time well you lay the foundation for your enterprise to thrive and flourish. To help you do this we have created services and products that will put you in the driving seat.

EPI-USE and Workforce Management Advisory Service

Over sixty specialists provide this service across the globe on all the major continents. They have established an excellent reputation for EPI-USE as one of the leading Time Management companies in the world.

The EPI-USE Time Management Package

This is a pre-configured SAP ERP HCM Time Management solution which reduces implementation time and ensures optimal integration with your existing SAP system and current IT infrastructure. Read more.


Owe offer our Platinum Time Management Accreditation for SAP ERP HCM. It enables third party access control vendors to test their system integration to SAP Time Management. Read more.

Knowledge Portal

We have created the Time Management Information Hub which enables consultants and clients to share their common experience and knowledge via a knowledge-sharing centre.

Time Centre

The EPI-USE Time Centre specialises in the delivery and support of time and attendance systems. Our company is one of the global leading Time Management implementation service providers and our expertise covers Positive and Negative Time Management, Leave Administration, Shift Planning, CATS, Time Manager's Work place, ESS/MSS Portal and Workforce Analytics.

Custom Developments

We develop web-based interfaces that cater for your specific operational needs without compromising data integrity, confidentiality and SAP standard functionality.

Support/Maintenance and Delivery Assurance

EPI-USE SAP Application Management Services (AMS) ensure the optimal working of your SAP ERP HCM applications. Our focus is on the sustainability of application environments and our Areas services include preventative and ongoing maintenance, corrective maintenance, assistance at user and super-user level, as well as continuous business improvement.


EPI-USE conducts SAP Time Management audits to assess the quality and accuracy of time management implementations. Our recommendations and subsequent services are based on the audit findings and we also highlight enhancement opportunities to ensure full utilization of SAP Time Management's functionalities.


EPI-USE provides exclusive SAP ERP HCM training. This includes introductory, end-user, as well as super-user training.

User Groups

EPI-USE facilitates discussion and interaction between user groups in the same industry, e.g. mining, services, etc. The aim is to advise on common learning experiences, specific system enhancements and burning platforms. These sessions may include a basic overview of SAP ERP HCM Time Management functionalities as well as elementary training on requested topics.

EPI-USE Time solutions

We have developed a number of products all designed to help you control the time aspects of your business. Our SAP-accredited Time Management solutions include:

for efficient time management processing accessed via a single screen.

EPI-Proxy which is an intermediary between SAP and a third party access control system that facilitates communication between the two systems.

EPI-USE Packaged Time Solution which is a pre-configured leading practice solution for SAP ERP HCM time management which minimises implementation times, costs and risks.