EPI-USE Learning Services

Learning and Change Solutions: Your People Development Partner

How do organizations consistently transfer knowledge, develop skills and sustain change in a global and technology orientated business environment?

EPI-USE Learning and Change services not only reduce business costs by increasing people proficiency, we support your business strategy through enhanced employee satisfaction and ultimately employee retention of your achievers. Our learning and change management expertise, tools, and project experience support your business strategy through developing and empowering your people. Our holistic approach and thorough understanding of people, how they best learn and what your business wants to achieve is key to our success.

The following services deliver on our promise to you:

  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)
    OCM helps organizations prepare and successfully implement and manage complex organizational change initiatives, resulting in the greatest long-term value from your business improvement efforts.
    Change Management Partner brochure
  • SAP system and business process training
    EPI-USE provides a customized and reusable training solution to ensure on time and continuous knowledge transfer of business processes and SAP transactions. Our blended approach includes planning the rollout of the learning initiative for maximum impact and success.
  • Content development (customized e-learning)
    EPI-USE can create e-learning and develop learning content quickly, easily, and professionally . Our proven approach delivers courseware that allows you to educate and evaluate and includes a business case that links e-learning goals to business goals, map your organizations technical infrastructure, and a systematic approach to evaluation.
  • Scheduled Training courses / seminars
    EPI-USE provides on demand courses and seminars, delivered in house or on site, inclusive of SAP navigational and transactional training, business process training, e-learning solutions and other customized training solutions.

Why EPI-USE Learning

As responsible consultants to you, we deliver on our promise of customer satisfaction. Having done so for more than 25 years, our reputation continues to secure multinational projects, as we believe this to be the best way to market our services. As a leading SAP ERP Partner our training and change ability is often required as critical success factors.