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360° Employee Rewards / 360° Beyond WorkLife

Inspire and motivate your employees by providing an engaging Total Rewards solution that truly drives retention, engagement and productivity.

Expect a modern Total Rewards Solution that exhibits transparency and provides a year-round, in-depth, and consolidated view of total rewards that are provided to your number one asset, your employees. Our advanced technology integrates with benefit carriers, third party administrators, and eliminates the administrative burden of data gathering and ensure employees and stakeholders experience the best-in-class self-service solution. We take your Compensation and Benefits Management to the next level for extended utilization of organizational Total Rewards programs.

Our total rewards and integration experts provide a deep understanding and can help you realize faster ROI with our rapid deployment strategy. Our expertise can be directly leveraged to the unique total rewards solutions of your organization.



The platform is configurable to meet your organization’s branding, initiatives and messaging.

100% Secured

Employee and company data is protected by industry-standard protocols and technology with high availability and data redundancy to ensure smooth and secure user experience.

Mobile and Desktop

Employees can access their total rewards information from their desktop computers and on their mobile devices – compatible with iOS & Android.


Administrators will have access to generate multiple reports.

Easy to Use Design

Employees will be able to access the application with ease and with its user-focused design, employees will be able to navigate effortlessly.


Dedicated support staff to monitor application and access issues, provide administrator and employee support.

360° Beyond WorkLife provides an extraordinary cost-effective platform to manage your inactive* population in Employee Central.

The solution is simple to use, providing the inactive population easy access to their information with the ability to update details throughout the year. For the Administrator, it alleviates tedious and trivial processes that get in the way of more important work. Changes in inactive population information are received securely for review and update. HR Administrators can also utilize the 360° Beyond WorkLife platform as a tool for communication with their inactive population.

* Inactive population could include retirees, furloughed employees, laid-off employees, terminated employees, etc.


Self Service Portal

The self-service portal is a platform providing access to inactive population to view and update information without additional licensing costs.

Configuration & Design

The platform is easy to configure to your unique organizational goals, identity and branding.

Easy to Use

Effortless viewing and capturing of inactive population information through mobile or desktop devices.


Keep your inactive population informed and engaged by using the collaboration tool within the platform.

Mobile and Desktop

Inactive population can access and manage their relevant information from their desktop computers or on-the-go on their mobile devices – compatible with iOS & Android.

100% Secured

Our secured and encrypted database servers on AWS managed platform performs daily snapshots and weekly backups on encrypted databases.

A well-aligned total rewards strategy supports a committed workforce. Engaged employees work at their highest potential and directly contribute to the bottom-line increasing business objectives.

Contact us today to learn more about our integrated and engaging total rewards solution.

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