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EPI-USE Cloud Services

EPI-USE offers a variety of Cloud Services.

To help you decide ask yourself the following:

  1. Is it essential to have complete control of all operational activities or is it feasible to employ a specialist third party to maintain or support certain sections?
  2. Can you still reach your business goals using specialized third-party skills and experience?
  3. Would specialized capabilities from outside your business speed up achieving your business goals?
  4. Would you prefer an on-premise solution or will outsourcing be more cost-efficient?
  5. Do you have specialist know-how to give you a competitive advantage?
  6. Does your organization have sufficient
  • economies of scale
  • defining advantages
  • access to particular skills / resources
  • to achieve sustainable goals in the long-term?
  1. Is your organization positioned
  • to lower costs
  • to initiate innovation
  • to implement best practices
  • to be technologically progressive?
  • to seize technological advantages?