End of Year RDS

Payroll year-end processing is a challenge for companies around the world. There are particular Australian challenges that EPI-USE has found to be common to many of our clients. By aggregating the experience gained at multiple clients, EPI-USE has been able to develop a comprehensive, cost effective solution to address this need.

EPI-USE EOY Rapid Solution is an accelerated fixed price SAP HR Support Package Implementation solution.

The EPI-USE EOY Rapid Solution can provide enormous savings in terms of time and cost. It is a comprehensive solution which offers benefits to all organisations running SAP Payroll, who would like to see an end to the EOY upgrade headaches.


  • Maintain legislative compliance
  • EOY Legal changes (tax, super, child support, etc.)
  • Stay up to date with SAP’s latest functionality (Super stream, Payroll decoupling)
  • Annual HR Support Package maintenance reduces upgrade costs
  • Annual payroll health check
  • Fixed price
  • Leverage experience EPI-USE has gained from broad client base


  • HR Support Pack Analysis
  • Client Impact Analysis
  • HRSP application (including SPAU processing)
  • HRSP functional changes
  • Unit testing
  • HRSP migration & cutover


  • HRSP Analysis report
  • HRSP Configuration/ Development documentation
  • HRSP Unit test results