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Finance, Logistics and S/4HANA

EPI-USE brings deep industry experience, mature project methodologies and extensive capabilities in design,
deployment, unique accelerators and support for SAP Finance & Logistics systems.

SAP Financials and Logistic solutions are provided by EPI-USE which has extensive industry experience, mature project methodologies, and extensive capabilities in systems design, deployment and support. This forms the basis upon which EPI-USE delivers preconfigured SAP-certified, industry-specific deployments, as well as market-leading business solutions that can be deployed across industries and tailored to any client size.

EPI-USE is ideally suited to the following areas: Finance & Logistics solutions, Mobility, S/4HANA, Analytics and Procurement.  These capabilities have been developed to uniquely match both client capital and/or operating expense requirements.  This allows clients the flexibility to pursue traditionally implemented solutions or to consume SAP hosted technology as a service, if they so require.

EPI-USE has been recognized a leader in SAP implementation services with experience that stretches over more than 25 years, offering clients innovative solutions and flexible delivery models to maximize investments made by clients in SAP software systems.

SAP S/4HANA Resources:
The following documents offer more insight on EPI-USE services and procedures;


The University of Toronto maximizes SAP investment with modernization plan.

EPI-USE congratulates the University of Toronto on its progress towards modernizing their SAP Administrative Systems. We look forward to supporting their migration to S/4HANA starting in November, 2019 bringing our lessons learned from previous S/4HANA migrations to support their experienced IT and Finance project team.
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Purdue University Taking Giant Leaps in Democratizing Higher Education.

EPI-USE proud to sponsor 22nd HERUG
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HERUG 2020 conference announcement.
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Purdue University Drives Next-Generation Value with SAP and EPI-USE.
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EPI-USE and SAP Join Forces to Help Build the Next-Gen University Workforce.
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