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Leverage your
investment in SAP®
Time Management

FLOW is an innovative workforce management solution giving you a modern and intuitive user interface, accurate reporting, and optimized time management processes.

About FLOW

FLOW helps you simplify and optimize your time management processes without a disruptive re-implementation. You can leverage your existing investment in SAP Time Management, and benefit from seamless, automated integration between SAP Time Management and Payroll.

FLOW is a beautifully simple and easy-to-use Time and Attendance application that:

  • Elevates your powerful SAP Time engine and tight integration to SAP Payroll;
  • Provides opportunities to optimize and automate critical business processes;
  • Offers workforce insights that are visualized, reliable, and actionable; and
  • Reduces compliance risks.

FLOW’s underlying philosophy is to keep employees safe, engaged, and accurately paid. In essence, this is also the FLOW value offering. FLOW enables organizations to manage their workforce effectively in terms of:

  • Accurate labor costing;
  • Increased productivity and service delivery; and
  • Compliance with various legislative and safety requirements.


FLOW improves on SAP’s robust Time calculation engine with an entirely new user experience and business process optimizations desired by clients.

Modern, intuitive UX

Unlike the classic SAP Time Management user interface, FLOW leverages SAP Fiori technology to offer managers and employees a modern web-based user experience accessible on multiple devices.

Simplified administration process

Time Management solutions often result in burdensome administration. FLOW is simple to use, with bulk processing functionality and data visualisations, making the time administration process quick and easy for managers and administrators.

Retaining all client-specific configuration rules

FLOW respects the complex underlying business rules that your organization has built up over many years of using SAP Time Management, eliminating risky re-implementations.

Cost-effective solution

FLOW allows you to leverage your existing investment in SAP Time Management, which is already bundled with your SAP Payroll license. A third-party alternative to Time Management would result in additional licensing fees and re-implementation costs.

Comprehensive reporting

The FLOW dashboard offers a powerful reporting foundation for dynamic decision-making, resulting in improved cost control, productivity, and compliance.

Fine business control

Intelligently plan, budget for, and schedule your employees’ time, considering planned absences, overtime, and future events. Visualize where employees are scheduled to be, highlight areas of concern, and reduce risk.

Custom workflows and notifications

Workflow approvals for any time event can be customized with in-app notification for quick approvals, rejections, and email notifications.

Mobile and geo-fenced terminals for clocking

FLOW offers a mobile clocking application for employees working remotely. It allows administrators to set up a geo-fence for clocking within a boundary.

Real-time integration with Payroll

FLOW appreciates how tightly SAP Payroll and Time Management are integrated, and the complexity of retroactive calculations.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employees expect an engaging, dynamic user experience. FLOW provides an ideal Employee Self Service (ESS) experience with graphical visualizations and ease of use.

On-premises, or in the cloud?

You can implement FLOW in your existing on-premises environment or host it in our SAP partner-managed cloud. If you are considering moving to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll (ECP), we can help you retain your existing Time Management systems while leveraging cloud infrastructure.

Cloud migration

Successfully migrating on-premises HCM systems to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll (ECP) or partner-managed cloud environments often involves large-scale implementations, and can be challenging without the proper tools and insight.

If you are considering moving your SAP Payroll to the cloud, our PRISM turnkey migration service will help you safely and rapidly migrate from on-premises SAP ERP Central Component (ECC)-based core HR and Payroll to your new ECP and FLOW environments.

With our hosted managed service, you can use SAP Time Management and FLOW on cloud infrastructure, integrated with both ECC and ECP. This offers you the best of both worlds – you can retain the powerful, highly-customized Time Management rules that you’ve built up over many years to suit your business, while accessing all your core HR, Payroll, and Time Management functionality on a managed cloud infrastructure.

FLOW is offered as a stand-alone license, with deployment services available through our global EPI-USE service practices.

What do you need to run FLOW?

Focused on privacy

An existing SAP® Time Management (ECC or S/4) implementation

Focused on privacy

A Fiori gateway to host the FLOW Fiori application and its launchpad

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