System Landscape Optimisation

Many business decisions have a far-reaching effect on the IT landscape, and require skills outside of normal company expertise to re-align SAP systems with business direction and goals. EPI-USE Labs specialises in extracting the right data and migrating it rapidly, to enable the transformation of the SAP Landscape. We have built a ‘bank’ of expertise and intellectual capital that you can draw on when your company undergoes a landscape transformation such as those mentioned below. Our experienced consultants will oversee the technical phases of the project, dealing with all the complexities inherent in these types of projects.

Which Landscape transformations need specialist skills?

  • HCM transformations
  • ERP system splits (e.g. divestitures, HR module split off)
  • Re-platforming (Re-implementing)
  • HCM data migrations
  • Merging of stand alone SAP HR back into SAP ERP

If you’re considering a project of this nature, you need the insights of EPI-USE Labs.

What EPI-USE Labs offers

We bring:

  • a team of specialists with a “can do” mentality
  • the technology, you get the benefits.
  • experience and a fresh approach to every problem, including complex projects.
  • speed, because we have superior software that delivers unrivalled performance.
  • service that knows all about going the extra mile.
  • competence, allowing us to do anything and everything.
  • an option to rent Data Sync Manager if you don’t own the software yet.

Data Specialists

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Valuable Experience

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Unrivaled Performance

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We leave happy customers. Ask BAM, BP, Rolls Royce, Barclays…

HCM Transformations

Joining or re-structuring requires the consolidation of disparate systems. Employee data needs to be brought in to the target production system and basic customising needs to be done. Clashes need to be indentified and resolved and this resolution then has to be configured. Object Sync provides rapid and secure transfer and transformation in one step.

ERP System Splits

A system split or ‘carve out’ involves extracting only certain parts on an SAP system to create a new one. Typically this occurs where a company wishes to de-couple their HCM and FI/LO SAP processes or where part of a company is being sold. Data Sync Manager’s enterprise slicing functionality enables systems to be split at company code level. System Builder is the ideal starting point for creating a new system, which can then be populated with the relevant subset of data using Client Sync. More complex data transformations can be carried out using Object Sync as a final step.

We successfully transformed these projects:

British Petroleum (United Kingdom)

In the course of two release cycles the following data was migrated from one client to another in the same productive system:

  • 3 778 employees migrated
  • 22 945 changes to records using 14 custom conversions
  • Total export time 12m 45 secs
  • Total import time 4m 8 secs

“DSM, and the highly competent EPI-USE DSM consultants, facilitated the successful migration of the SAP data of multiple countries from legacy systems onto one central system. We would gladly recommend EPI-USE DSM and EPI-USE consultants to anyone.” – Silvio Lanaro, BP Vice-President of HR IT&S

ABSA and Barclays plc (South Africa)

This was a massive migration project, simply too big for the chosen technology, LSMWs. With little more than a month to go EPI-USE Labs consultants built and tested all the required conversions and migrated the data. The live cutover was accomplished in a weekend and the go-live date was achieved.

  • Total number of employees: 41,000
  • Total export time: 1 hour, 6 minutes
  • Total import time: 1 hour, 57 minutes
  • Number of functional conversions: 120+

“If it wasn’t for DSM we wouldn’t have been live on the 1st April [2012]. What we achieved in that short amount of time is amazing!” – Francois van Wyk, Program Manager, Project Nexus, Barclays

BAM Construction (Netherlands)

BAM sold off a portion of its business in 2012. In functional terms, this meant doing a complete company carve-out (in this case for 5 company codes) of the data across multiple SAP modules: FI, CO, MM, SD and HR. System Builder was used to create the new system; then Client Sync was used to do the enterprise slice carve-out for all modules except HR; and finally Object Sync was used to copy over the HR data.

  • 10 years’ worth of data on source system, about 4.5TB in size
  • Live cut-over was done in one day”I must say that we are very

“I must say that we are very satisfied about the whole process. It went rather quickly and rather smoothly. I think that of course the EPI-USE technology and the DSM suite is vital, but also, having a senior consultant aboard on-site, who knows what to do and has that knowledge to make that quick analysis of the specific situation of the customer – I think that is also vital for the success of the whole operation.” – Frans de Roy van Zuijdewijn, BAM Construction Group