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EPI-USE tHRive pay

Powered by SAP SuccessFactors. built and deployed by EPI-USE

What is tHRive pay?

tHRive pay delivers SAP SuccessFactors to small and mid-market size businesses in a model which is easy to understand, simple to consume, and cost-effective. This reduces payroll complexity so that you can focus on your people.

Are you struggling with …

  • Manual and complex HR processes that take time away from your people?
  • An inability to quickly and correctly process and validate your payroll?
  • Reliance on paper-based records?
  • Remote user access?

You are not alone.
We help customers like you to migrate to SuccessFactors every day.

tHRive pay
Our solution focusses on:

With tHRive pay customers can benefit from an end to end HR and Payroll Solution.


Integrated and dynamic processes

Calculates employee payments and deductions

Produces payslips and statutory reports

Reduces reliance on paper-based records

Australian and Single Touch Payroll Provided

Full compliance with legislative changes

Mobile access from your phone, laptop or tablet

Reduces both costs and administrative efforts

“You don’t have to start with a blank page when embarking on your HR Transformation journey”
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Solution Delivery and Pricing

  • Solution delivery from 10 weeks
  • Client on-boarding from $75, 000 for up to 10,000 employees
  • From $12.50 per employee per month for 500+ starting with a three-year term
  • *Subject to monthly floor pricing