Case Study: University of Pennsylvania

SEAS Dashboard

The University of Pennsylvania was looking to create a new application from their old outdated applications. This included various processes, such as to automate their invoice management and integrating different workflow processes into this one application. Also in their old system there were no validations, so a lot of data and time was lost in correcting these records.

The Solution

Users are able to create different kinds of requests that will be approved by two other roles. Those roles (Administrator/Business Office) can approve/manage requests as well as request users for an invoice. They also have the ability to import an excel file to create and send multiple invoices. Their old system had a database with data that was rarely used or not easily found. The data has been cleaned up and imported into this application. Now they have the ability to adjust the database to their needs and keep their data up to date in an easier way.

The Value

A quicker, easier, and better way of doing their daily work/tasks. By making it easier to maintain their data and by validating all requests. The customer had to manually create invoices in their old application and with this system can upload an excel file. These things will save the customer a lot of time and money and reduce the work effort that has to be put in by the employees.

  • Brett Lee
  • Matthew Daniels (built the invoicing integration)