360° Beyond WorkLife

360° Beyond WorkLife provides an extraordinary cost-effective platform to manage your inactive population* in Employee Central.



The solution is simple to use, providing the inactive population with easy access to their information and the ability to update details throughout the year. For the Administrator, it alleviates tedious and trivial processes that get in the way of more important work. Changes in inactive population information are received securely for review and update. HR Administrators can also use the 360° Beyond WorkLife platform as a tool for communication with their inactive population.

* Inactive population include retirees, furloughed employees, laid-off employees, leavers, terminated employees, etc.

Specialized fields for implementation services

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Self Service Portal

The self-service portal is a platform providing access for inactive populations to view and update information without additional licensing costs.

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Keep your inactive population informed and engaged by using the collaboration tool within the platform.

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Configuration & Design

The platform is easy to configure to your unique organizational goals, identity, and branding.

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Mobile and Desktop

Inactive populations can access and manage their relevant information from their desktop computers or mobile devices – compatible with iOS and Android.

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Easy to Use

You can view and capture information about your inactive population effortlessly.

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100% Secured

Our secured and encrypted database servers perform daily snapshots and weekly backups on encrypted databases.

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