People Solutions:
South Africa

EPI-USE People Solutions delivers SAP SuccessFactors technology for SA organisations.

An overview of the power of integrated HR and Payroll

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SuccessFactors’ core HR solution specifically configured for South Africa to manage your people and HR processes, such as people movement and organisational structure maintenance.

People Central includes South African specific features such as sick leave, holiday calendars, national ID checking, address maintenance, and seamlessly integrates with People Pay. Ensuring your data is tax complaint.


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SuccessFactors’ powerful payroll engine is highly integrated with People Central for HR data and unifies the HR & payroll experience for all employees. Payroll managers can proactively correct data issues through Payroll Control Centre, decreasing payroll freezes and downtimes every month.

People Pay includes South African specific features such as statutory sickness, statutory and tax reports, and everything else required to run a successful South African payroll.

Talent Management

People Solutions are powered by SAP SuccessFactors technology, meaning you get the power of SAP at a great price. People Solutions comes out-of-the-box with a whole integrated HR suite of applications, giving you the flexibly to deploy talent based packages when it suits your organisation best.


A solution to source, engage and hire your future workforce.


A tool to prepare and engage your new hires.


Enables you to align goals and performance reviews.

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Support your learning culture by improving employee skills.


Recognise and reward your people and manage your organisational budget.


Identify and develop the talent within your organisation.