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People Solutions rapidly delivers SAP SuccessFactors technology for organizations worldwide.

Get a competitive advantage by rapidly deploying SAP SuccessFactors using our region-specific, ‘out of the box’ People Solutions.

EPI-USE – a global SAP® SuccessFactors partner – provides products, services and technology to help organizations manage their people in the most effective way possible.

Trends in HR technology show that organizations are deploying cloud HR solutions ‘out of the box’ to either adopt or build on best practices. This approach reduces both the setup time and costs. EPI-USE People Solutions are highly scalable and flexible solutions for small and large organizations alike.

Our EPI-USE solutions service delivers the whole SAP SuccessFactors suite of technology in a model which is simple to use and consume. We take away complexity to allow you to focus on your employees.

Benefits of using People Solutions

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Comprehensive HR suite icon

Comprehensive HR suite

People Solutions allows you to deploy the full SAP SuccessFactors suite over time to meet the priorities of your organization and employees in a flexible way.

Vollintegrierte Abrechnung Icon

Highly-integrated Payroll

Integrated Payroll gives your employees a single self-service experience for HR and Payroll, and avoids costly data duplication. Payroll can be delivered as a solution, or as an outsourced Payroll service.

Umfassendes Reporting Icon

Full reporting suite

Choose from the list of included reports, or easily build and share your own reports to make your HR data come to life.

Einfache Self-Services Icon

Self-service with
mobile apps

Give your employees and managers easy access to self-service and flexible approval workflows, including iOS and Android apps.

Planbar und preiswert Icon

Predictable setup with lower costs

With an 'out of the box' solution as a starting point, your setup timeline is shorter and more predictable, which means costs are lower and more predictable.

Einfach durch Cloud Icon

Cloud-based for simplicity

All you need to access your new solution is internet access and a browser, and we do the rest. You pay for the number of employees who are going to access the system with a subscription model that is transparent and easy to understand.

Datensicherheit Icon

Data security

As a highly trusted Tier 1 service provider, SAP SuccessFactors takes care of all the technical security, meeting global requirements, and providing secure access, role-based permissions and GDPR tools. You can be confident that your data is secure, both internally and outside your organization.

Kürzere Wertschöpfungszeit Icon

Quicker time to value

Get your organization live using People Solutions in as little as a few weeks to ensure you gain the benefits from your investment as quickly as possible.

Immer „Up-to-Date“ Icon

Always up to date

SAP is a highly-trusted provider delivering the legislative updates for HR and Payroll,
along with innovation based on a customer-led roadmap. You can be sure you are
always up to date on the latest version.

Regional offerings

Select a region to see what’s included in each People Solutions offering; powered by SAP SuccessFactors.


SAP SuccessFactors technology tailored to serve HR and Payroll in Australia, including local holidays and regional financial rules.

Belgium NL/FR

HR and Payroll solution based on SAP Successfactors technology tailored for the Belgian market, including automated HR processes and automatic calculations of different payroll elements. 


A specially developed SAP SuccessFactors suite for Germany that meets all legal requirements and HR processes.


An HR and Payroll solution specifically configured for the Republic of Ireland using SAP SuccessFactors.

New Zealand

SAP SuccessFactors technology tailored to serve HR and Payroll in New Zealand, including local holidays and regional financial rules.

South Africa

SAP SuccessFactors technology specifically adapted to South African requirements for HR and Payroll.

United Kingdom

SAP SuccessFactors HR and Payroll technology configured specifically for the UK, to meet local legislation and requirements.

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