People Solutions:
Talent Management

Managing your talent with our HR suite

EPI-USE People Solutions is powered by SAP® SuccessFactors technology, which means you benefit from a whole integrated suite of applications.

People Recruit
People Onboard
People Perform
People Learn
People Rewards
People Progression
People Central
People Recruit


A recruitment solution to source, engage and hire your future workforce. With built in analytics and tools to guide you through the process.

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  • Requisition management

  • Seamless integration with position management

  • Job profile builder integration

  • Job postings

  • Simple intuitive career sites

  • Agency portal

  • Mobile approvals


  • Candidate application & tracking

  • Pre-screening & Interview question libraries

  • Extensive notification templates

  • Online interview scheduling

  • Mobile interview assessments

  • Reports and dashboards


  • Offer management

  • Online offer letters

  • Seamless integration with People Central for new hire information


People Onboard


An onboarding tool to prepare and engage your new hires. With built in compliance forms, analytics and workflows to guide onboardees and hiring managers through the process.

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  • Engaging new hire portal

  • Support of pre day 1 activities

  • Connect new hires and transfers to team members and mentors

  • Support of socialization and collaboration


  • Step by step wizards support hiring managers through on-boarding process

  • Support of mobile, secure, new hire paperwork with SAP Signature Management by DocuSign

  • Track onboarding process as HR admin


  • Support of consistent and efficient process for on-boarding/cross-boarding and off-boarding

  • Talent management suite integration (learning, goals)

  • Third party integration (e.g. procurement, payroll)


People Perform


A performance tool to enable goal alignment and performance reviews to ensure your people always have the guidance and feedback that they need.

Goal Management

  • Goal Library containing 500+ SMART goals

  • Goals cascading

  • Track goal status and progress

  • Mobile goals

Continuous Performance Management

  • Activities and achievements tracker

  • Simple feedback and coaching

  • Ensure work aligns to goals

  • Live summary of achievements

  • Track and remind one-on-ones

Performance Assessments

  • Performance Reviews

  • Calibration

  • Team Rater

People Learn

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A learning management tool to support your learning culture by improving employee skills and reducing compliance risk through a self service learning platform that incorporates online and classroom based learning.

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Compliance Training

  • Automated learning assignments based on almost any criteria

  • Visibility into compliance training status

  • Support for multi-part e-signatures

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Optional validated SaaS for LMS option

Talent Development

  • Easy-to-use home page with to-do list, visual KPIs, and quick links

  • Powerful My Team view, Dashboards, and Reports for managers

  • Social learning capabilities

  • Programs for continuous learning

  • Mobile learning

External Audiences

  • Uniquely branded learning sites

  • Configurable marketing pages

  • eCommerce with multi-currency and multiple payment support

  • Customizable course catalogs for each external learning group

People Rewards


A remuneration planning tool designed to recognize and reward your people strategically, increasing efficiency and transparency for leaders. Integrates seamlessly with other SuccessFactors modules to provide a comprehensive view of workforce data, enabling more informed and equitable pay decisions.

Remuneration Planning

  • Online tool for planning salary increases, lump sum payments and adjustments

  • Budgets

  • Guidelines for increases

  • Compa-ratio calculation


  • Workflow

  • Compensation Statements

  • Executive review capability

  • Integration with Employee Central and Performance Management

People Progression


Identify critical business roles and engage employees with ongoing development opportunities.

Succession Management

  • Identify critical roles and high potential employees

  • Perform company-wide talent search

  • Visualize talent gaps

  • Assess bench strength

  • Create talent pools

Career & Development Planning

  • Create development plans and link them to competencies


  • Compare employee potential with performance across teams

  • Determine objective and accurate ratings

  • View trend of employee performance over time

People Central


A core HR solution to manage your people and business, which seamlessly integrates with payroll.

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