EPI-USE Services for AWS (EPI-USE AWS), already an Advanced AWS Partner, has now been certified under the AWS MSP Partner Program, which recognizes and validates leading APN Consulting Partners credentialed to provide full life cycle interventions for clients.

The MSP validation process includes a rigorous audit carried out by an independent auditor, and confirms the partner’s ability to provide managed services and capabilities in cloud architecture, automation and optimization in AWS environments. MSP-qualified AWS partners are clearly signified. EPI-USE AWS now claims 75 AWS certifications, 13 Professional certifications, 20 Associate certifications and 35 Cloud Practitioner certifications, and is qualified to carry out AWS ‘Well-Architected Reviews’ for existing or prospective AWS clients.

‘We’re delighted about the new AWS MSP certification’, said EPI-USE AWS’s Carel Bekker. ‘With our SAP Managed Services capability, we can provide our AWS clients with full AWS platform and SAP support’ he added.

Allbirds, a New Zealand-American company that sells footwear and apparel, is one example of a satisfied client. EPI-USE recognized the importance of identifying opportunities to improve Allbirds' SAP infrastructure hosted on AWS. Using the AWS Well-Architected Framework, EPI-USE aligned their environment with cloud best practices, achieving operational efficiency and eliminating unnecessary costs.

‘EPI-USE is a strong partner and I have complete confidence in their people’, said Jonathan Kula, Senior Engineering Director of Allbirds. ‘They are proactive in identifying opportunities for improvement, and highly responsive in dealing with issues that arise, so I’m exceedingly pleased with the service they provide’.