Microsoft Modernization Viability Assessment


EPI-USE Services for AWS offers a comprehensive Microsoft Modernization Viability Assessment to help organizations optimize their Microsoft workloads on AWS. Our experienced team will work closely with you to analyze your application portfolio, identify modernization opportunities, and develop a strategic roadmap aligned with your business objectives. Leveraging the AWS Microsoft Modernization Program (MMP) framework, we aim to maximize your AWS funding benefits while accelerating your modernization initiatives.

In-Depth Portfolio Analysis

Our assessment begins with a thorough review of your application portfolio, focusing on your current technologies, architectures, development processes, and team skills. During this collaborative discovery phase, we will:

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Assess applications based on business, functional, technical, and cost criteria.

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Utilize automated tools to determine .NET Core compatibility and migration complexity.

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Identify opportunities to modernize Windows-dependent technologies.

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Address skill gaps and recommend modern development practices.

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Evaluate SQL Server usage and explore migration options.

Charting Your Modernization Roadmap

Building upon the insights gained from the portfolio analysis, our experts will work together with your team to craft a modernization roadmap tailored to your organization's unique needs. This roadmap will consider factors such as resource utilization, licensing costs, and alignment with your business and technical goals.

Key activities include:

  • Categorizing applications and determining optimal modernization strategies, such as:
    • Migrating SQL Server to cloud-native databases like Amazon Aurora
    • Refactoring .NET applications to modern frameworks on Linux
    • Adopting containers and serverless technologies like AWS Lambda
    • Exploring open-source alternatives to replace SQL Server
    • Decommissioning legacy applications
  • Selecting the most suitable tools, technologies, architectures, and processes for your portfolio
  • Prioritizing initiatives that deliver quick wins, build momentum, and maximize ROI.
  • Defining the scope and effort required to modernize your targeted Microsoft applications.

As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner with extensive experience in Microsoft workloads, EPI-USE Services for AWS has a proven track record of helping organizations successfully modernize their SQL Server and .NET applications on AWS. Our certified AWS architects and developers bring the expertise and best practices to guide you through your modernization journey, enabling you to unlock the full potential of the cloud, including increased agility, reduced costs, and enhanced performance.  

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