Organizational Cloud Adoption Assessment  


Approximately 70% of cloud migrations falter because the risks associated with team members responsible for the migration are not considered. The Organizational Cloud Adoption Assessment is a diagnostic tool that analyzes factors underpinning critical risks within organizational teams tasked with cloud migration, aligned with the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework.

Unlock Your Organizational Cloud Journey

Your ability to effectively leverage the cloud for digital transformation hinges on foundational organizational capabilities. The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) provides prescriptive guidance, derived from AWS's extensive experience and best practices, to help organizations worldwide accelerate their cloud transformation journeys.

Get started today with the Organizational Cloud Adoption Assessment and identify the risks and opportunities for change within your organization. 

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Assess and Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation with EPI-USE

No matter where you are in your Cloud transformation journey, we're here to support you. At EPI-USE, we understand that organizational preparedness is intrinsic to the success of a digital transformation. The importance of identifying and prioritizing transformation opportunities, evaluating and improving your cloud preparedness, and iteratively evolving your transformation roadmap, is part of the process we take to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

More than just readiness

Aligned with the AWS CAF, our Organizational Cloud Adoption Assessment (powered by Adapt/Ability Index® from Stream) focuses on identifying risks and opportunities for change within your organization. By assessing People Perspective Capabilities, including Culture Evolution, Transformational Leadership, Cloud Fluency, Workforce Transformation, Change Acceleration, Organization Design, and Organizational Alignment, we provide valuable insights that go well beyond just readiness. It identifies the risk that associate with people and the areas to mitigate these. The data provided gives you a true indication of how you are tracking and more importantly the map of where to focus to progress your People Perspective Capabilities.

Culture Map powered by Adapt/Ability Index®

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Your cultural level of adaptability, the willingness of each role to meet the demands of the transformation and the organizations capacity to support them,  can be measured through the Organization Cloud Adoption Assessment (powered by Adapt/Ability Index®).

Empower Your Teams for Success

Leveraging your people to accelerate your cloud journey is made possible by investing in the AWS People Foundational Capabilities.

Our assessment analyzes the capabilities, offering people-sourced data tailored to your cloud migration journey. From business and team perspectives to individual roles, our reports highlight adaptability measures and provide actionable insights to maximize success.

You can see where you stand in preparation for your transformation.

Score the capabilities that determine success and failure

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The assessment analyzes, classifies and organizes the source data in a format that helps you take the necessary action. It identifies where there are risks and shortfalls, allowing you to take appropriate mitigating action and maximize opportunities for success.

The Process

The Adapt/Ability Index® is a role-based, online assessment that is fast and easy to deploy.

It vividly illustrates how roles are performing against a curated set of criteria identified as a baseline for success by our experts.

Condensing weeks of consultation into a concise 45-minute online experience, this approach allows you to conduct the assessment at different stages in your transformation tracking your progress in a time-efficient and cost-effective way. What makes this assessment so powerful is that it converts what people experience in their roles to real data that is presented in a logical format for you to see where you need to focus.

How to leverage the reports

Cloud Adaptabilty icons-04 Delve deeper into areas flagged as risks or concerns through additional assessment.
Cloud Adaptabilty icons-05 Share findings with stakeholders to secure buy-in and support.
Cloud Adaptabilty icons-06 Utilize the report as a reference for interventions and a baseline for tracking progress.
Cloud Adaptabilty icons-07 Build a culture of employee engagement and ownership by sharing the results with roles and teams and collaboratively develop initiatives.


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Dimensional Analysis - maximum & minimum results per team average

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The Organizational Cloud Adoption Assessment is an intelligent diagnostic that can uncover hidden issues impacting your team. It allows leaders to assess the right data-sets, often uncovering what is not visible to management. 

Sourced directly from your people, the data is analyzed and classified to assist you in determining where attention and effort is to be directed to improve the potential outcome of the transformation.