ERP Payment Recon: Accept payments with real-time reconciliation and fraud detection

EPI-USE ERP Payment Recon is an innovative payment gateway solution that
lets SAP customers handle payment processing with real-time
reconciliation in SAP using the AWS SDK for SAP ABAP.

Whether your customers prefer credit card, ACH payment, or a digital wallet like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Visa Checkout, or Masterpass, ERP Payment Recon empowers you to detect fraud using Amazon Fraud Detector and set up automated controls between transaction processing and your core accounting for a seamless and secure experience.

ERP Payment Recon:
Automated Reconciliation to prevent fraud in its tracks

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Landscape Optimization
Cut cost of collection up to 17%


Processing Model


Vendor Selection


Merchant Account Type


Merchant Category Code


Interchange Optimization


Gateway Fees


Merchant Fees


Deployment Model

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Digital Payment Reconciliation
Remove manual error-prone intervention, payment landscape model that scales


Reconcile directly to system of record


Automated reconciliation


Real-Time Batch and Funded Events


Track and Trace Transactions


Multi-PSP/Multi-Merchant account


GL number and BP number direct processing

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Accounts Receivable/Payable Fraud Detection
Protect Accounts Receivable and Payable With Generative AI and Machine learning


Models that continuously learn


Insights into your model performance


Trigger rule-based actions


Real-Time Fraud Detection API


Leverages the AWS bad traffic u-list


Multiple models for each use case


New trained models in 90 minutes

Say goodbye to reconciliation challenges

EPI-USE ERP Payment Recon provides an integrated solution that works across departments and multiple lines of business for real-time transaction reconciliation with SAP. Referencing tailored for SAP Finance both in the cloud and on-premises makes for easier compliance while eliminating the need for multiple PSP contracts.

Stop fraud in its tracks

ERP Payment Recon uses the power of Amazon Fraud Detector for faster, more accurate fraud detection with machine learning. By embedding fraud detection into the accounts payable workflow, ERP Payment Recon can identify potentially fraudulent activity and catch online fraud before it has a chance to hurt your business.

Get access to AWS cloud services in SAP

Using the AWS SDK for SAP ABAP, ERP Payment Recon lets you take advantage of all that AWS has to offer for SAP customers. This removes the need for middleware and lets you unlock a robust set of functionality for SAP financial workloads, with access to AWS services like Route 53, Site-to-Site VPN, Secrets Manager, Guard Duty, and more.

Accept online payments in multiple ways

Customers today have more ways to pay than ever before. While convenient, this puts increased pressure on organizations to accept a wide variety of payment methods and reconcile those transactions in SAP. With ERP Payment Recon, you get access to real-time transaction reconciliation in SAP whether customers are paying by credit card, ACH, or digital wallet.

Designed to work for you

Solutions for every industry and sector

ERP Payment Recon makes it easy for your organization to simplify digital payments. Whether you need to integrate digital payment processing with your ERP and SaaS tools or reconcile transactions in SAP in real time, ERP Payment Recon offers customizable merchant services that scale to your organization’s unique needs.

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Accept payments across departments and digital touchpoints

ERP Payment Recon integrates with all of your software systems to accept payments wherever transactions occur.

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Eliminate payment-induced bottlenecks

When time is of the essence, the last thing you need is a service disruption due to payments stuck processing.

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Made with the enterprise in mind

Whether you’re a local government or a multinational corporation, ERP Payment Recon brings together transactions from disparate sources for combined financial reporting in SAP.


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We have been an SAP partner for over 30 years and are a proud advanced AWS Partner and SAP Gold Partner.

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Our clients range from multinational corporations to rapidly growing startups to public sector organizations.

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