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eBook: Unleashing the power of the cloud: A guide to modernizing your SQL server and .NET Applications on AWS

This free eBook serves as your complete handbook for updating your Microsoft SQL Server and .NET applications on AWS, maximizing their performance in the cloud.

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Essential Preparations: A Comprehensive Checklist for Transitioning to S/4HANA and RISE

Are you gearing up for the transition to S/4HANA and RISE? Don't embark on this journey without a roadmap! Our exclusive checklist is your essential companion for navigating the complexities of migration. 

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eBook: Reduce Licensing Costs and Modernize Microsoft Workloads

This free eBook is your complete guide to optimizing the cloud for cost savings, scalability, and enhanced security in your enterprise. Discover unmatched cost savings and modernization opportunities for your Microsoft workloads with the expert guidance. 


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eBook: Optimizing Your SAP Environment by Migrating to AWS

This free ebook gives you all the information you need to get started with migrating your SAP landscape to AWS. Running your SAP workloads on AWS can help you realize benefits like converting CapEx to OpEx spending, improved performance, better security, and access to innovative services from AWS.

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Handout: Modernize your SAP environment by migrating to AWS

Are you ready to speed up your testing, reduce your manual workload, protect sensitive data, and reduce your costs by migrating your SAP workloads to AWS?

Let EPI-USE support you through the process so you can reap the benefits, starting today.

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eBook: 7 business drivers that motivate cloud migrations

How EPI-USE Services for AWS can help you take advantage of the Microsoft-AWS partnership with preconfigured Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server instances.

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Questionnaire: How secure and reliable is your AWS cloud environment?

Complete the form and download the questionnaire to see how you can optimize your AWS cloud environment.

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ERP Payment Recon from EPI-USE

Accept payments with real-time reconciliation and fraud detection.

EPI-USE ERP Payment Recon is an innovative payment gateway solution that lets SAP customers handle payment processing with real-time reconciliation in SAP using the AWS SDK for SAP ABAP.

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