Proof of Concept: lower SAP migration risk and time to value

Whether you’re looking to reduce cost of ownership, increase flexibility
and scalability, or enhance security and disaster recovery, EPI-USE
can help you make the most of your SAP migration and align business
expectations with technical feasibility through a Proof of Concept (PoC).

What is a Proof of Concept (PoC)?

A Proof of Concept (PoC) is a crucial component of any cloud strategy that can help you verify if a particular business idea can be developed into a real-world and functional project. A PoC plays an invaluable role in SAP migrations, allowing you to test the feasibility of migrating your landscape to the cloud in a controlled and manageable environment, thereby mitigating potential risks.

Benefits of a Proof of Concept

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Feasibility testing

Get access to a controlled and manageable pilot project for testing out the migration process before doing the real thing.

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Project clarity

Get a clear vision of the potential benefits and improvements an SAP migration could bring to the operational efficiency and productivity of your organization.

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Risk mitigation

Identify potential issues in a risk-free sandbox environment and develop a strategy to overcome them when the time comes.

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Reduced time to value

Organizations that complete a Proof of Concept usually see a smoother migration with minimal downtime, shortening the time to value.

Here's what your Proof of Concept includes

With your Proof of Concept for SAP migrations, you get a strategic plan outlining the migration roadmap, identification of potential challenges, and proposed solutions to mitigate these issues. We set up a scaled-down version of the target SAP system to test the migration process under controlled conditions so you can feel confident and prepared when the time comes to migrate your SAP landscape.

A PoC will look different depending on your specific concerns and identified risks, but in most cases, we recommend initially migrating a subset of three key production systems before migrating your complete landscape to AWS. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from this approach:

  • Test drive. This presents an opportunity to test drive a full copy of a production system in the cloud to measure performance and do benchmarking compared to the on-premises production system.
  • Data management PoC. EPI-USE can create a mock training, sandbox, or QAS system using the EPI-USE Data Sync Manager (DSM) toolset to demonstrate a system with a dramatically reduced dataset, masking data for security purposes.
  • AWS toolset exposure. Your organization can evaluate and experience innovative AWS toolsets available to you with your new landscape.
  • Security exposure. EPI-USE can set up security and firewall minimum requirements for your organization’s security team to vet.
  • Response times. Experience the connectivity and latency for assured response times in AWS.
  • Disaster recovery (DR) test. EPI-USE can set up disaster recovery on one of the systems and test into another AWS data center.

A data management PoC can take anywhere from two to four weeks, while a key SAP system AWS migration PoC usually takes about eight to 12 weeks. This may seem like a lengthy process, but when it comes to migrating your SAP production systems to AWS, taking the time to plan for as smooth a transition as possible makes all the difference.

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