AWS Well-Architected Reviews

AWS’s ‘Well-Architected Partner’ status qualifies EPI-USE Services for AWS to deliver Well-Architected Reviews (WAR) for existing application workloads or new applications, based on AWS best practices and guidelines. This status differentiates us as an AWS Partner Network member that provides specialized, demonstrated technical proficiency and proven client success in identifying if client workloads meet the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework. To receive the designation, APN Partners must possess and demonstrate deep AWS expertise and a proven fieldwork capability.

AWS Well-Architected Reviews: the five pillars

WAR is AWS’s set of core strategies and base practices for planning systems in the cloud. Our reviews determine if client workloads follow the Well-Architected Framework’s five pillars:

Operational excellence

Running and monitoring systems that deliver value and improved processes for businesses.


Protecting information, systems and assets, risk assessments and mitigation strategies.


The resilience to recover from infrastructure or service disruptions.

Performance efficiency

Using computer resources efficiently, now and in the future.

Cost optimization

Providing business value at the lowest price.

“We did a Well-Architected Review with EPI-USE Services for AWS, and found it to be beneficial. The review guided us to look at different aspects of our IT infrastructure, identify areas that we need to improve, and learn about tools and good practices."
Steve Sun, CIO of Spartan Camera

Delivering solutions seamlessly on AWS

AWS Well-Architected Reviews have been developed to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for clients’ applications. They provide a consistent approach for evaluating architectures and implementing designs that will scale over time.

Reflecting our successful designation as an official AWS WAR partner, we offer our clients specialist technical skills and a strong track record in:

Identifying critical workloads
Identifying critical workloads
Remediating issues
Remediating issues
Performing reviews for new and existing applications
Performing reviews for new and existing applications

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Implementation and pricing

A typical engagement will:

  • review one AWS workload (for example, e-commerce infrastructure)
  • take five to ten business days
  • produce a workload report with recommendations, prioritized by severity
  • lead to a Statement of Work (SOW) for implementation for some or all of the recommendations.

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