Navigating your SAP ECC Journey to the Cloud and RISE

Modernize your business, move to the cloud.

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Transitioning off ECC 6 can feel complicated, time-consuming, and challenging. We can get you there in 5 practical steps with our SHIP migration methodology.

SHIP: SAP on AWS Accelerated Cloud Migration Journey 

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Step 1


We will assist in identifying your business needs, evaluate the best AWS options and educate you on how your SAP environment will find safe harbor in the AWS cloud. Following the evaluation, we will design a tailored migration strategy to meet those needs. Our solutions provide a variety of industry specific proof of concept opportunities to optimize cost, mitigate risk, enhance security and improve performance.

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Step 2


We will define and document your SAP landscape on AWS.  You can leverage our proof of concept solutions to experience the AWS cloud in context and begin to create a cloud center of excellence to manage and initiate the transition process. One of these PoC’s could be a guided test drive of a key SAP environment of your choice in the cloud.

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Step 3


We offer several options, from direct rehosting to retain current applications and processes, to a full refactoring, with updates to code or design with the benefit of enhanced functionality, improved performance and optimized cost.



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Step 4


SAP RISE on AWS provides a great opportunity for enterprises to completely transform their SAP workloads. Take advantage of both SAP BTP and AWS Services, AI capabilities, and other market-leading innovation technologies.

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Step 5


EPI-USE offers 24/7 full-stack Application, SAP and AWS Managed Services as well as AWS Billing as a Service. We provide a highly personalized and robust service that is tailored to your specific needs.

Navigate Your Cloud Migration Journey with Confidence


Cloud Ready SAP Assessment & Trial Program

With EPI-USE at the helm, navigating the SAP AWS Cloud migration can lead to increased productivity, process agility, and operational resilience. With the Cloud Ready SAP Assessment & Trial Program you get a SAP on AWS Discovery & Landscape Assessment PLUS Proof of Concept (PoC) together to test drive SAP and AWS.

What's Included?

This program offers an SAP on AWS Discovery & Landscape Assessment, coupled with a Proof of Concept (PoC), allowing you to test a critical SAP system of your choosing. Through this experience, you'll discover the benefits of migrating your SAP environment to AWS. Explore each component in detail below:

SAP on AWS Discovery & Landscape Assessment

SAP on AWS migrations require a complex and well-architected approach. A Discovery and Landscape Assessment can help by providing a detailed analysis of your current infrastructure platform, SAP platforms, processes, organizational structure, and future business objectives.  

The assessment includes in-depth analysis and reporting, as well as recommendations for specific workloads, so clients have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

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Proof of Concept (PoC)

A PoC is a crucial component of any cloud strategy that can help you verify if a particular business idea can be developed into a real-world and functional project. It validates the business case for migrating SAP to AWS, assessing risks and opportunities.

A PoC plays an invaluable role in SAP migrations, allowing you to test the feasibility of migrating your landscape to the cloud in a controlled and manageable environment, thereby mitigating potential risks.  

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Test Drive SAP on AWS with these powerful EPI-USE accelerators


Mobilizing, Migrating, and Modernizing to Calmer Waters

The transformational journey starts taking shape.
Migrating has three levels of complexity, where an increased investment can have increased payoffs in the end. EPI-USE will take the wheel on for this transformation by planning and setting up the migration to AWS, then managing the shift.



The simplest strategy. Move existing applications from on-premises data centers to the cloud with minimal changes.

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Slightly more complex and resource-intensive. Change the underlying architecture while preserving functionality. This strategy is usually recommended when there’s a risk of SAP workload performance suffering from lift and shift.

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The most difficult and complex, but the most rewarding. Significant changes to product or system code and design improves performance or scalability in the cloud.

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When embracing the latest technology like SAP S/4HANA® or RISE you need to consider what to do with your legacy systems. Archive Central™ offers a secure platform that allows access to your legacy data, eliminating the need to maintain these older systems.

Managed Support

After a client goes live with AWS, they still need to support the environment. EPI-USE Services for AWS has the team, tools, and automated systems to support enterprises’ AWS environments. We provide a robust end-to-end AWS and SAP Managed Services solution across all SAP systems, with a highly personalized level of service. Our services and solutions include:

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Your Safe Harbor Awaits

Start your journey to RISE with a Cloud Ready SAP Assessment and Trial Program.


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