Deploy Microsoft Windows Server on Amazon Web Services

Managing a Microsoft Windows Server on AWS is easy

AWS offers a breadth of Microsoft services inside their cloud computing platform. In Windows on AWS and Relational Database Service (RDS), you can take advantage of the Microsoft/AWS partnership by launching preconfigured Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server instances.

AWS is a Certified Gold member of the Microsoft Partner Network. We also create Microsoft-specific technologies and services, allowing users to manage and maintain Windows-based applications with ease in AWS. With extended support options from AWS and Microsoft support and fully-managed hardware solutions, managing Windows Servers has never been easier.


WHALE Assessment: Migrate your Windows Workloads with ease

Easy to launch, easy to manage

AWS provides a comprehensive set of management tools for your Microsoft Windows Server workloads. Preconfigured AMIs with Windows Server installations allow for quick and easy deployment of Windows on AWS.

AWS can help manage your licensing with Bring Your Own Licensing options and support for new licensing requirements. No license? No problem! The hourly cost of an EC2 instance includes any licensing fees that would be necessary to start a Windows Server. Each image is configured with recent patches and uses the redundant EBS service to store your Windows Server instance data.

Creating a Windows Server on AWS has never been easier. The AWS marketplace provides you with multiple images for different versions of Windows Server to deploy conveniently within your own environment. Windows on AWS keeps the best parts of your AWS environment, simplifying the Windows experience while keeping your total costs down.

Microsoft licensing on AWS

Allow AWS to take care of your Windows Server licensing. You don’t need to look at bulky licensing purchase plans: launch Windows Server from the AWS Marketplace, and pay only for the compute capacity you need.

AWS offers licensing purchasing options as well. With their Gold Status membership of the Microsoft Partner Network, AWS is authorized to sell Microsoft software.

Already have Microsoft licensed software? Bring your licenses to AWS! EPI-USE Services for AWS can implement your favorite Microsoft software in your existing AWS environment, or implement a brand new one.

Save on production workloads

Let the cloud manage your large workload and licensing needs. Windows on AWS allows you to pay for only what you need. With access to Windows licensing, you don’t have to worry about large volume licensing. AWS can save you from buying licenses in bulk, only adding minimal costs.

Automatically scale your Windows Server applications based on demand. EPI-USE Services for AWS specializes in custom cloud solutions, creating secure auto-scaling groups for your Windows Server instances that keep your environment running smoothly. Watch as your cloud grows and shrinks with traffic, saving you money when you need less EC2 power, but keeping your clients happy with a system that scales to their needs.

Windows on AWS 

Working with Windows Server has never been easier. EPI-USE Services for AWS can help you and your company set up smart auto-scaling groups to help manage your infrastructure’s needs. EPI-USE Services for AWS can fully manage your Windows instances. With no need to worry about any hardware or software upgrades, and with automatic instance scaling, it will seem like your Windows environment runs all on its own. EPI-USE Services for AWS keeps your costs low while keeping your environment highly available. We offer expert AWS consulting, specializing in these fully managed solutions.

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