Unlocking the Power of AWS Optimization for Microsoft Workloads

The PASS Data Community Summit held in Seattle in 2023 was an enlightening experience for all attendees. As a proud Bronze sponsor, EPI-USE was delighted to contribute to the wealth of knowledge shared during the event. 

The event was a resounding success, filled with knowledge-sharing, networking, and future-looking insights. EPI-USE is proud to have been a part of this transformative experience, and we're eager to continue guiding organizations on their AWS migration journey.

Key Takeaways

Our experts, Chris Townsend, and Tom Staab, led two insightful sessions that generated quite the buzz. Let's review the key takeaways for those who missed it and see how our WHALE Assessment process can benefit your organization.

Unlocking Savings with EPI-USE WHALE:

EPI-USE's WHALE process is not just about migration, but also optimization. The WHALE assessment helps businesses save costs by evaluating system resources and matching to Microsoft licenses to identify areas for optimization. It streamlines licensing processes and provides the right-sized compute options for organizations looking to reduce their AWS spend and improve their software license management practices.

Organizations operating SQL servers over time accumulate numerous licenses to maintain functionality. However, over time these licenses go unused or are not configured optimally, leading to potential inefficiencies and wastage of resources. 

Through the WHALE process, companies can uncover ways to reduce unnecessary license costs, optimize their Microsoft workloads on AWS, and choose the most suitable AWS services and configurations for their specific needs.

With licensing options such as Pay-as-you-go versus BYOL (Bring Your Own License), companies can select the most cost-effective method that aligns with their operational demands.


Congrats to our Meta Quest 3 Winner!

A big thanks to all attendees who stopped by our booth and special congratulations to Debbie from Illinois State University on winning the raffle prize - enjoy your Meta Quest 3!

Our team always comes prepared with exciting insights and prizes, so don’t forget to check us out at our next event. Take a look at our LinkedIn Newsletter to see which events we’ll be attending.

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Wrapping Up A Transformative Summit

Thank you again to all the attendees who connected with us at this year’s PASS Data Community Summit!

If you're looking to optimize your Microsoft workloads on AWS, or curious about how you can unlock potential savings, our WHALE program is here to guide you. Get in touch with our team to start your journey towards seamless cloud transition and optimization.


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