Refresh-as-a-Service completed in 24 hours. Fully functional Sandbox environment provided; consumption of space and memory in Development client minimized.


About Allbirds

Allbirds is a footwear brand that specializes in making sustainable sneakers and casual shoes. It is based in San Francisco. The company was established in 2016 and has been progressive in producing footwear inspired by natural materials. Allbirds takes a sustainable approach when sourcing their materials, with a long-term goal of eliminating their carbon footprint.


Quick Facts

Established: 2016
Industry: Manufactures sustainable shoes
Headquarters: San Francisco

“The ability to refresh our lower environment data has been a pain point for some time.”

Jon Kula
Senior Director of Technology, Allbirds

The Challenge

Allbirds needed to establish an additional SAP Sandbox environment on their SAP Development server to optimize the use of AWS platform resources. The solution would involve creating a new SAP client on the Development server and making a full copy from the Production server. The new client would then serve as the Sandbox environment. This needed to be done without impacting production performance or over-utilizing the limited space and memory of the Development system.

The Solution

EPI-USE offered Refresh-as-a-Service (RaaS) with the use of their specialized SAP data transfer product suite, Data Sync Manager™ (DSM). This service enables the copying or refreshing of SAP clients with a subset of Production data, while anonymizing the data for non-production use. The entire process was completed at Allbirds within 24 hours.

When creating the new client on the Development server, Allbirds chose to copy all master data, and only the last 18 months of transactional Production data. This provided a fully functional Sandbox environment, while minimizing the consumption of space and memory in the Development client. This process can be repeated in the future to refresh data, and can also be extended to refreshing data on any of the non-production servers.


“In addition to a smooth and easy refresh, I also appreciated the flexibility of EPI-USE in coming up with a right-sized solution that meets the need and scale of our business.”

Jon Kula
Senior Director of Technology, Allbirds


In a timely manner, Allbirds was provided with a fully-functional Sandbox environment that meets their needs while efficiently using their existing server resources.

EU AWS Icons 2022-47

Installed and configured Data Sync Manager

EU AWS Icons-215

Performed an 18-month time-slice export of the Production system

EU AWS Icons 2022-60

Completed the new Development client build for use as a Sandbox

EU AWS Icons 2022-75

Built the Sandbox system without increasing database server resources

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“EPI-USE is a group of dedicated professionals, and masters of their craft. They installed and configured the RaaS tooling and ran it during off-hours without issues. They have established a great track record of success that gives me complete confidence in them.”

Jon Kula
Senior Director of Technology, Allbirds

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