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Seamless SAP Migration to AWS and advanced managed services drive EMS Pay's transformation

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About Employee Managed Services (EMS) Pay

EMS Pay is a forward-thinking company at the forefront of digital solutions. Specializing in optimizing and managing payroll systems, the company leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency for businesses worldwide.

With a commitment to innovation and excellence, EMS Pay consistently delivers high-quality services, ensuring that businesses can focus on their core functions while trusting EMS Pay to manage their intricate payroll needs seamlessly. Whether transitioning to new platforms or integrating existing ones, EMS Pay stands as a beacon of reliability and expertise in the payroll management landscape.


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The Challenge:

Balancing act: performance & economy

When EMS Pay sought to transfer their SAP systems to AWS, they were presented with a multitude of intricate challenges. At the forefront was the need for a cost-optimized infrastructure, one that would not only be economical but also uphold the standards of high performance that EMS Pay prides itself on. The balancing act of ensuring top-tier performance while maintaining budgetary constraints was a considerable hurdle, demanding strategic resource management.

As the migration process began, the importance of uninterrupted performance became starkly evident. Any disruption could potentially compromise the AWS environment, making the transition phase both sensitive and critical. Moreover, aligning EMS Pay's already complex infrastructure with the latest AWS cloud services added another layer to the challenge.

This required not just technical expertise, but a profound understanding of the AWS migration process's intricacies, calling for a tailored AWS-centric strategy. The strategy had to be adept enough to ensure optimal performance, cost efficiency, and a smooth transition, all while navigating the potential pitfalls of migrating their SAP applications to AWS.

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Strategic solutions for EMS Pay's AWS Migration

EPI-USE devised a strategic solution centered on the AWS Application Migration Service for EMS Pay. This service enabled a seamless lift-and-shift migration of the SAP MaxDB database from Azure to AWS. Integration with AWS services, particularly Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, was crucial, enhancing data storage and accessibility in the AWS environment. Coupled with this, EPI-USE's cost-optimization strategy involved meticulous workload monitoring and tactical resource right-sizing, promising EMS Pay superior economic benefits compared to their previous Azure setup.

Security was addressed with rigor, employing AWS Control Tower and adhering strictly to AWS best practices, ensuring the migrated workload met the highest industry security standards. At the same time, operational efficiency was elevated, especially for the SAP workload on Windows MaxDB. The entire migration, underpinned by strategic planning and precision execution, minimized downtime and ensured uninterrupted operations for EMS Pay.

Outcomes & Benefits:

Achievements unlocked

EMS Pay's collaboration with EPI-USE Services in their Azure to AWS migration journey was a well-coordinated effort of strategy and execution.Using the AWS migration service along with a strong cost-saving strategy improved their operational efficiency and security. By adopting AWS FSx and S3, the migration was both smooth and cost-effective.

Careful monitoring and fine-tuning of EMS Pay's system usage resulted in cost savings that exceeded expectations, marking a savvy financial decision. Enhanced security also became a highlight, with the integration of AWS Control Tower and adherence to AWS best practices, ensuring EMS Pay stayed aligned with the highest standards of security.

The company's operational efficiency improved as well, especially with the better performance of their SAP workload on Windows MaxDB. All these enhancements aimed to prevent interruptions, and the migration was achieved with minimal downtime, enabling EMS Pay to maintain seamless business operations.

Following the migration, EMS Pay has secured continuous, around-the-clock managed services for their SAP landscape on AWS. This support guarantees peak performance, maximizes system availability, and adheres to the AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) program's standards. These managed services demonstrate a commitment to not only achieving a successful migration but also to the ongoing optimization and maintenance of EMS Pay's AWS infrastructure.

The Benefits

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AWS strategies boosted efficiency and security.

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AWS services, like FSx and S3, optimized costs.

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Resource adjustments exceeded cost-saving goals.

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Adherence to AWS practices ensured top security and minimal downtime.

“Transitioning our SAP system to AWS was executed with precision and care thanks to EPI-USE. The process was streamlined, ensuring minimal downtime, which was crucial in maintaining the continuity and reliability of our payroll services.”

Martin Crow - Managing Director, Employee Managed Services Pty Ltd

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TCO Analysis:

Mapping the monetary landscape

Understanding the financial implications of infrastructure choices is paramount for businesses like EMS Pay. To navigate this, a thorough Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis was conducted to discern the most economically viable and efficient infrastructure.

Central to this endeavor was the meticulous process of resource sizing. Using advanced automated tests, the team honed in on optimal resource specifications, fine-tuning the infrastructure to meet the highest benchmarks of performance and efficiency. This groundwork paved the way for a thorough cost estimation.

By translating the results from the resource sizing phase, a comprehensive projection of associated costs for various usage scenarios was crafted. This granular financial analysis empowered EMS Pay with a profound understanding of their infrastructure's financial footprint, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic cost management.

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Azure to AWS:

Lessons learned

The migration journey from Azure to AWS for EMS Pay illuminated a pathway of insights that will shape the company's future cloud endeavors. Foremost, the value of strategic planning and intricate analysis became evident; understanding the nitty-gritty of infrastructure requirements, from optimizing AWS services like FSx to adept management of SLES licenses, is paramount to a successful migration. This ensures alignment with both current and anticipated company needs.

A spotlight on performance optimization underscored the importance of enhancing data storage capabilities and ensuring uninterrupted access to shared file systems. On the financial front, adopting potent cost optimization strategies, especially resource right-sizing, was seen as pivotal in striking a balance between cost savings and unwavering performance. Equally significant was the emphasis on stringent security protocols; adherence to AWS best practices emerged as a non-negotiable in ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance.

Lastly, mastering the art of change management, with clear communication and streamlined processes, was crucial to mitigate potential disruptions and uphold business continuity. Armed with these learnings, EMS Pay stands poised to deftly navigate future migrations, fully harnessing the AWS infrastructure's potential, driving innovation, and fostering business growth.

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Strategic planning and detailed analysis are key.

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Emphasis on performance and data storage optimization.

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Balancing cost savings with performance through resource right-sizing.

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Strict security protocols and AWS best practices ensure compliance.

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Effective change management minimizes disruptions and ensures continuity.

About EPI-USE Services for AWS 

EPI-USE Services for AWS, recognized as a Next-Gen Managed Services Provider (MSP), offers comprehensive and scalable hosting solutions tailored to the dynamic landscape of AWS. Our team specializes in an array of managed and consulting services that encompass assessment, development, migration, management, and optimization of AWS environments. Our approach to cloud migration is adaptable and client-centric, enabling businesses to transition from traditional server environments to AWS seamlessly and efficiently, with minimal impact on their existing operations.

Our Capabilities and Competencies:

  • Managed Services Provider (MSP): As a recognized MSP, we offer comprehensive management and optimization of AWS environments, ensuring operational efficiency and strategic cloud utilization.
  • Migration Consulting Competency: We specialize in strategic migration planning, streamlined transitions, and ongoing post-migration support for optimal performance.
  • SAP Consulting Competency: Recognized for our excellence in SAP solutions, we streamline business processes using SAP and continually advance our expertise in SAP technologies.

By integrating these competencies, we enable our clients to focus on their core business, ensuring a seamless, secure, and effective digital transformation journey with AWS.