Rapid Windows Migration to AWS


About NXTsoft

NXTsoft is a secure data solutions software platform. NXTsoft’s products and services help businesses secure, connect, and optimize their data to maximize revenue opportunities, enhance profitability, and mitigate cybersecurity risk. Many enterprises and government entities struggle to manage data loads, networks, and data security. NXTsoft provides solutions to address those needs in the critical areas of data security, data connectivity, and data optimization.

NXTsoft offers secure, open APIs to seamlessly connect FinTech solutions to financial institutions, facilitating real-time data sharing across all channels. Changing cores or other legacy systems to take advantage of new technology or making a branch acquisition to extend your footprint? NXTsoft makes sure you stay connected with the legacy data you need to continue to operate efficiently and effectively through our unique approach to data migration and conversion.

Quick Facts

Headquarters: Birmingham, AL
Industry: Secure Data Solutions Software Platform
Presence: 4 Countries


The Challenge

NXTsoft needed assistance to consolidate multiple business units’ datacenters into AWS for simplicity and ease of management. NXTsoft was looking for an environment with ‘bolt-on’ capabilities as it grows and acquires new companies in the future. All environments had to be compliant with SOC2, ISO27001, and NIST 800-171 framework. Each business unit had unique requirements and needed to leverage a central directory to provide access to resources within AWS accounts. NXTsoft needed a rapid migration to AWS to replace end-of-life hardware and meet business goals.

The Solution

EPI-USE Services for AWS facilitated the rapid migration of three business units’ Windows workloads to AWS from their on-premises data centers and existing AWS accounts. The new AWS accounts provided a central location and management platform for NXTsoft’s developer teams to leverage and deploy new AWS workloads consistently. It also allowed NXTsoft to remove aging equipment from its data centers and provide governing guardrails for each business unit in their AWS account by leveraging AWS organizations. The new AWS accounts are security compliant with additional logging and monitoring enabled. Windows onEC2, VPC, AWS Backup, GuardDuty, and Transit gateway were among the AWS services deployed.


EU AWS Icons 2022-20

Rapid migration to AWS with limited to no business interruptions.

NXTsoft was quickly and efficiently migrated into AWS with no downtime and easy user adoption.

EU AWS Icons 2022-22

A single Cloud platform, AWS, to allow common access, and ongoing management of IT resources.

Leveraging a single Cloud platform allows for easy management and auditing to ensure data security.

EU AWS Icons 2022-21

Documentation of a repeatable, “bolt-on” process, to allow new company acquisitions to be migrated to AWS.

Leveraging CloudFormation and other automation scripts, additional business units can easily be added.

Very well managed and coordinated project. EPI-USE Services for AWS is knowledgeable and professional. They met deadlines and even reached some requested milestones in advance of schedule.

Will Blackburn - Chief Technology Officer, NXTsoft

About EPI-USE Services for AWS 

EPI-USE Services for AWS offers robust and scalable hosting solutions, based on AWS. As a Next-Gen Managed Services Provider (MSP) we provide managed services and consulting services for AWS, including assessment, development, migration, management, and optimization, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. By providing a flexible cloud migration methodology, we tailor our migrations to each client’s unique requirements. This allows any business to move from traditional server environments to AWS quickly and efficiently, with little to no impact on existing environments.