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Welcome to a new dawn in Africa

What is the SAP AppHaus Network?

The SAP AppHaus Network is a community of SAP AppHaus locations and likeminded SAP partners, united in the idea that innovation needs three key ingredients to flourish:

  • Process: A human-centered approach to innovation
  • People: A multi-disciplinary team
  • Place: A creative environment

Clients benefit from shared experiences, best practices, and values. By spanning across all regions, the SAP AppHaus Network brings innovation to SAP customers globally through leveraging the full potential of design thinking and SAP technologies, especially SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). This combination of process, people and place with SAP technology creates real added-value for clients.

The EPI-USE AppHaus in Pretoria, South Africa, was launched at an exclusive event in March 2023.

What is design thinking?

Design thinking is a human-centered, problem-solving approach that emphasizes empathy, collaboration, and experimentation to address complex challenges, promoting creative and holistic thinking that enables individuals and teams to uncover new insights and develop user-centric, practical, and impactful solutions.

At EPI-USE AppHaus Pretoria, we leverage design-thinking methodologies to unlock the full potential of a client’s idea, aligning business objectives through understanding the need or requirement, rapid prototyping and creating iterative feedback loops.

How EPI-USE AppHaus Pretoria leverages SAP BTP and custom development

Explore new technologies, solve unique business cases, and transform business data into client value with SAP BTP and custom development – all in the comfort of an inspiring innovation hub in the heart of Pretoria!

Through human-centered innovation and design-thinking principles, EPI-USE AppHaus extends beyond a physical space, and becomes a platform to:

  • extend your company's SAP systems with BTP applications;
  • build integrations between SAP and other software;
  • keep pace with business change by integrating SAP faster, and more easily;
  • maximize business outcomes through responsible AI;
  • improve user experience with Fiori;
  • solve business problems faster with low-code solutions;
  • develop cloud-native software solutions; and
  • push the boundaries of transformation through cloud platforms.
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Inspiration from the African environment

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Bespoke solutions

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Connect, network and share ideas

What makes the EPI-USE AppHaus Pretoria special?

"We have an innovative approach to traditional design thinking where we take inspiration from our African environment," explains Jhani Coetzee, Technical Lead for EPI-USE AppHaus Pretoria. "This approach breaks down physical and mental barriers. We are also diversifying our technology domain to provide bespoke solutions for our clients' unique problems."

Global Group Elephant clients and other organizations benefit from the EPI-USE AppHaus space that provides an inspiring environment to connect, network and share ideas. 

Converse, collaborate and connect

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