Rapid Deployment Services

At EPI-USE we offer you a variety of Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) options to get you operating quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

In business, for decisions to be made and goals to be met, frameworks must be in place and you need access to reliable data. And, of course, you need this fast. At EPI-USE we are acutely aware of what you’re up against. It’s why we offer you a variety of Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) options to get you operating quickly and at a fraction of the cost. From HR Reporting through MSS to Payroll, we offer fast implementations at a fixed time and cost. You get all the benefits from these excellent packages that are based on best practices.

Employee Central Payroll RDS
SAP Accelerated Learning RDS
SAP Operational Headcount Planning RDS
SAP Executive HR Reporting RDS
End of Year RDS
Employee Central Payroll RDS

Leverage the benefits of the most powerful Human Resources and Payroll system in the world

EPI-USE can now deliver a fixed-price Employee Central Payroll Rapid Deployment Solution in only weeks! This fixed scope and reduced implementation window results in significant economic benefits and allows clients to integrate the state-of-the-art SAP Payroll system with SuccessFactors Employee Central.

Using an accelerated deployment methodology that incorporates Payroll Best Practice processes, this solution quickly enables a client’s business to leverage the benefits of the most powerful Human Resources and Payroll system in the world.

Business Benefits

This Rapid Deployment Solution will help you to:

  • Achieve quick results by using predefined software and content;
  • Obtain an immediate working payroll solution;
  • Predictable implementation cost through a fixed scope;
  • Payroll best practices and standardization;
  • Real-time access to payroll information;
  • Scalable solution for future business needs;
  • Improved implementation quality; and
  • Cost effective, turn-key deployment.

Service Scope

Services included in this RDS are:

  • Fixed implementation time for a fixed-scope project;
  • Predefined templates and solutions per industry best practice;
  • Proven project methodology and approach;
  • Pre-configured business processes;
  • Planned workshops and questionnaires;
  • Test plan and pre-configured test cases;
  • Standardized training materials and business procedures;
  • Data migration templates and load programs;
  • Pre-defined security roles;
  • Access to EPI-USE knowledge base throughout project lifecycle; and
  • Geographic reach in weeks – United States (18 weeks @ $297,000), United Kingdom (16 weeks @ £256,000), Australia (16 weeks @ AU$445,000) and South Africa (12 weeks @ ZAR 2.5 million) country solutions available.

Optional Cloud Deployment Solution

Let EPI-USE be your host:

  • Let EPI-USE host your Employee Central payroll and run your complete HCM solution in the cloud;
  • Integrate smaller subsidiaries with your central on-premise SAP instance for a consolidated global view of all employees;
  • Ensure a single payroll process for all countries;
  • Reduce the need for in-house SAP payroll and systems expertise; and
  • Certified data centers and ITIL aligned processes ensure data confidentiality.

The SAP Personnel Administration & Organizational Management RDS provides an accelerated solution at a fixed price

Clients will realize the implementation of a proven solution in a short timeframe by deploying the core foundation for SAP Human Capital Management.

From Kick-off to Go-live in as little as 10 weeks!


  • Provides a tried and tested pre-configured solution;

  • Establishes streamlined processes and improves efficiency and compliance;

  • Consolidates data into a single, robust system;

  • Provides a strong basis from which to grow the solution;

  • Provides global reporting capabilities; and

  • Reduces time to implement and external consulting costs.


  • Pre-evaluation Questionnaire;

  • Scope Questionnaires;

  • Scope Document;

  • Kick-Off Presentation;

  • Project Plan;

  • Status Reports;

  • Engagement Model & Roles and Responsibilities;

  • Installation Steps;

  • Pre-Configured Solution;

  • Configuration Document;

  • Data Migration Templates;

  • Knowledge Transfer Matrix;

  • Security Design Document;

  • Blueprint Document;

  • Training Materials;

  • Unit Test Matrix and Test Cases; and

  • Cut-over Plan/ Checklist.


  • Storing and managing key personnel data, including personal information, address, family members and dependents, and more;

  • Performing personnel actions, including hiring, termination, job changes, and re-assignments;

  • Maintaining the enterprise structure;

  • Maintaining the organization structure, which includes departments, jobs, and positions;

  • Managing the employee lifecycle processes;

  • Providing Manager and Employee self-service functions;

  • Providing HR administrator and HCM processes and forms;

  • Standard Personnel Administration and Organizational Management Reports;

  • Security profiles for the different roles, including HR Manager and HR; and

  • Administrator.

Technical Requirements

  • Enhancement package 5, service pack stack 6 or higher for SAP ERP 6.0

  • Enterprise extension EA-HR 605 activated

  • Enhancement package 2 for the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 technology platform

  • SAP NetWeaver Business Client 3.0 for HTML

  • Enhancement package 1 for the SAP Solution Manager 7.0 application management solution SP 32

  • Solution builder tool release BP-SOLBLD 70V5.

SAP Accelerated Learning RDS

This pre-configured solution gives clients peace of mind that they will have a working Learning Solution system as fast as 12 weeks


  • Pre-evaluation Questionnaire;

  • Predefined documents;

  • Comprehensive blueprint document;

  • Standardized processes;

  • Authorization roles & matrix;

  • Detailed test scripts;

  • Training manual for end-users;

  • Detailed configuration document; and

  • Data models and data capture templates:

    • LSO master data

    • Course & Qualifications catalogue.


  • Learning Portal;

  • Instructor Portal;

  • Training Administrator Portal;

  • Training Manager Services for Learning Solution;

  • Back-end Training Management functionality;

  • Authoring environment;

  • Content Management;

  • Course Appraisals;

  • Qualifications Catalog;

  • Learner Profile; and

  • Standard Learning and Personnel Development Reports.

Technical Requirements

  •  SAP ECC6 EhP4 onwards

  • SAP Netweaver Portal 7.01

  • SAP Mini-master data, plus Organizational Management.

SAP Operational Headcount Planning RDS

Execute operational planning in line with corporate strategy

The SAP Operational Headcount Planning rapid-deployment solution aligns workforce plans with budgets. The solution reduces time spent on budgeting and improves its accuracy by providing one integrated process for all stakeholders.

Business Challenges

Do you struggle with:

  • Lengthy manual headcount planning and budgeting;

  • Poor alignment across financial budget, headcount plans, and organization objectives;

  • Sourcing of disparate spreadsheets from various systems;

  • Questionable accuracy of the budget and forecast;

  • Lack of visibility into workforce composition and costs; and

  • Difficulty in consolidating planning and budgeting across the organization.

Business Benefits

Reduce time and improve accuracy:

  • Get quick time to value with implementation of prebuilt functionality based on best practices;

  • Execute operational planning in line with corporate strategy;

  • Simplify the budgeting process and improve business user satisfaction;

  • Improve the quality and accuracy of the salary and headcount planning process;

  • Assess the impact of new hires and promotions on workforce cost; and

  • Obtain constant insight into workforce statistics and workforce cost.

Rapid Implementation

Go Live in as little as 8 weeks – $75,000 fixed price

This is an implementation service for rapid deployment of SAP Operational Headcount Planning, utilizing SAP Planning and Consolidation to facilitate operational headcount planning (OHP). The service includes the delivery of a preconfigured SAP Planning and Consolidation application set.

Software requirements:

  • SAP ECC 6.0, EA-HR 6.0;

  • SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3;

  • SAP NetWeaver BW Cont 7.05;

  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 version for SAP NetWeaver:

    • Bus. Plan.and Cons. ABAP;

    • SAP EPM BPC ABAP 10.0;

    • CPMBPC 800: SP 0008; and

    • Note 1761998 needs to be applied.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards: BI4.0 Feature Pack 3 (Optional);

  • On Client machine: EPM Add-In Excel Client SP12 Patch 7; and

  • Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 3.0 for Microsoft® .NET (required for EPM AddIn for Excel, downloadable from Microsoft.com).

SAP Executive HR Reporting RDS

Take the pulse of the organization with HR key performance indicators

An executive HR reporting cockpit at your fingertips. It contains predefined dashboards that visualize more than 40 key Human Capital Management (HCM) metrics. Reliable data provides clear insights into the workforce, allows detailed monitoring, and enables you to react proactively to unfavorable situations.

Business Challenges

Do you struggle with:

  • Incorrect decisions made as a result of unreliable data and poor insight;

  • HR goals within the organization that are often not quantified;

  • A monitoring process that is currently manual, cumbersome, mostly operational, and not alignedProviding timely answers to quantitative HR questions;

  • Assessing the consequences of a trend or the outcome of a decision that you need to make; and

  • Helping executives to share their findings and clarify the follow-up on action items.

Business Benefits

This Rapid Deployment Solution will help you to:

  • Achieve quick time to value with implementation of predefined software and content based on best practices;

  • Formulate HR strategy and manage people more confidently, based on standard processes and credible data;

  • Visualize over 40 key Human Capital Management (HCM) metrics;

  • Share findings and improve decision making;

  • Drill down along the organization structure and cost center hierarchy to zoom in on alarming trends; and

  • Easily integrate all existing customer-specific HR SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse work.

Go Live in as little as 8 weeks

  • Service Scope:

    • An opportunity for enterprises of all sizes to select and customize preconfigured HR dashboards at a fixed price.

    • Fixed implementation time for a fixed-scope project.

    • Minimized risks and improved quality thanks to predefined templates for specific processes.

  • System Prerequisites:

    • SAP enhancement package (EHP) 5 for SAP ERP 6.0 or EHP6 for SAP.

    • ERP 6.0.

    • SAP enhancement package (EHP) 2 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 ABAP AS,.

    • SP10 (with BI Content 7.06, SP03 add-on) (BW).

    • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.0, SP04.

    • Windows Internet Explorer 8 with Adobe Flash Player 10.1 add-on.

    • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0, SP04, (Optional) SAP enhancement package (EHP) 2 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0.

    • Java AS (for integrated planning with SAP NetWeaver BW).

End of Year RDS

EPI-USE EOY Rapid Solution is an accelerated fixed-price SAP HR Support Package Implementation solution

Payroll year-end processing is a challenge for companies around the world. There are particular Australian challenges that EPI-USE has found to be common to many of our clients. By aggregating the experience gained at multiple clients, EPI-USE has been able to develop a comprehensive, cost effective solution to address this need.

EPI-USE EOY Rapid Solution is an accelerated fixed price SAP HR Support Package Implementation solution.

The EPI-USE EOY Rapid Solution can provide enormous savings in terms of time and cost. It is a comprehensive solution which offers benefits to all organisations running SAP Payroll, who would like to see an end to the EOY upgrade headaches.


  • Maintain legislative compliance;

  • EOY Legal changes (tax, super, child support, etc.);

  • Stay up to date with SAP’s latest functionality (Super stream, Payroll decoupling);

  • Annual HR Support Package maintenance reduces upgrade costs;

  • Annual payroll health check;

  • Fixed price; and

  • Leverage experience EPI-USE has gained from a broad client base.


  • HR Support Pack Analysis;

  • Client Impact Analysis;

  • HRSP application (including SPAU processing);

  • HRSP functional changes;

  • Unit testing; and

  • HRSP migration & cutover.


  • HRSP Analysis report;

  • HRSP Configuration/ Development documentation; and

  • HRSP Unit test results.