EPI-USE Total Enterprise
for the Mid-Market

EPI-USE Total Enterprise, powered by SAP®

EPI-USE is geared towards clients who are looking for best practice, low-impact implementation solutions which focus on empowering your business to run in a more streamlined and smarter way. Our job is to take the guesswork out of where the data is and provide you with insight into your data, your employees and your potential talent.

Total Enterprise is focused on enabling employees through self-service functionality, workflows which include managers and HR where it makes sense, and ensuring data is secure and accessible by those who need it.

This leads to a better ROI from implementation, and risk reduction through providing the right tools to CEO’s, Finance, Supply Chain, HR, Managers and Employees, while ensuring you can focus on the entire enterprise.


Helping clients with SAP®

EPI-USE Total Enterprise allows clients to deploy technology quickly to support: HXM: HR, Payroll, Time, Recruiting, Onboarding S/4HANA: Finance, Supply Chain, and Budgeting.

Self-service functionalities

Human Capital Management
Finance and Procurement
Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management (HCM)

  • HR and Payroll: allows you to run headcount reports, evaluate employee progression, and payroll capabilities, all through Core HR and Payroll.

  • Payroll processing, tax filings and garnishment handling is handled by EPI-USE Employee Managed Services.

  • Collect forms, link new hires to their managers and team members, and provide the ability to hit the ground running day from one, with the right tools at their fingertips through Onboarding.

  • Provide the ability to enter, manage and approve time, while allowing your managers and employees to gain insight into how much people are working; let the technology focus on what needs to be paid through Workforce Software.

  • Give recruiters the ability to identify candidates quickly who will provide value to your organization, while allowing the technology to parse resumes, provide insights and target the right people through Recruiting.

Finance and Procurement

Finance and Procurement

  • Reduce cost and effort with fast, accurate, and compliant financial close. Represent a complete set of accounting processes with multiple views, valuation approaches and allocation methods.

  • Simplify the way to record and manage accounts payable and receivables data from vendors and all clients. Increase automation and reduce manual effort and cost.

  • Classify suppliers using procurement categories, and conduct supplier evaluation using real-time transactional data to analyze criteria such as on-time delivery, quantity, and prices.

  • Use automated, integrated, and collaborative processes for receivables management and a streamlined Payables Management.

  • Integrate processes, people, products and assets to create a full-scale digital representation of the entire supply chain and deliver full visibility into everything that affects supply and demand, providing instant control and predictive capabilities.

Streamline your business with smart solutions

Learn more about Total Enterprise to achieve your organization's HXM, Finance and Supply Chain vision.

What are the key benefits for your clients?

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Licensing, Implementation, Ongoing break/fix support

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EPI-USE Client Success Manager for ongoing communication and upcoming upgrade communication

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Prescriptive Implementation with few configuration opportunities

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Post go-live support limited to break/fix

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