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What is tHRive pay?

tHRive pay delivers SAP SuccessFactors to small and mid-market size businesses in a model which is easy to understand, simple to consume, and cost-effective. This reduces payroll complexity so that you can focus on your people.


Are you struggling with …

  • Manual and complex HR processes that take time away from your people?

  • An inability to quickly and correctly process and validate your payroll?

  • Reliance on paper-based records?

  • Remote user access?

You are not alone.

We help customers like you to migrate to SuccessFactors every day.

tHRive pay our solution focuses on:

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User experience

With tHRive pay customers can benefit from an end to end HR and Payroll Solution.


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Integrated Payroll Processes

Integrated and dynamic processes

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Organisation Management

Reduces reliance on paper-based records

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Mobile Access

Mobile access from your phone, laptop or tablet

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Pay and Deductions

Calculates employee payments and deductions

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Single Touch Payroll

Australian and Single Touch Payroll Provided

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Saves Both Time and Money

Reduces both costs and administrative efforts

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Produces payslips and statutory reports

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Legislatively Compliant

Full compliance with legislative changes

“You don’t have to start with a blank page when embarking on your HR Transformation journey” Read more about our People Solutions offerings

Solution Delivery and Pricing

  • Solution delivery from 10 weeks
  • Client on-boarding from $75, 000 for up to 10,000 employees
  • From $12.50 per employee per month for 500+ starting with a three-year term
  • *Subject to monthly floor pricing
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