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Conceptually, data migration is a simple task that involves extraction from one location and loading into another without impacting the way business operates.

We offer a secure and easy way for clients to migrate their data to SAP SuccessFactors. Our Data Orchestration suite manages the entire data lifecycle, including legacy data conversion, quality analysis and loading into SuccessFactors. The suite eliminates the need for client infrastructure, local software deployment, or perpetual license purchase.

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Data Orchestration suite


When transforming data from legacy systems, data can be spread across a disparate network consisting of various systems, platforms and datasets. This makes loading data into their new SuccessFactors solution an arduous, timely and costly process. 


The EPI-USE Data Orchestration suite is hosted on SAP Business Technology Platform. It consists of three components, a Data Transformer to convert legacy data for use in SuccessFactors, the Data Analyser ensures only quality data is converted, and a Data Loader to load data into the SuccessFactors solution. 


Using the Data Orchestration suite increases the efficiency with which a business, such as Veolia and Lion, can load data into their SuccessFactors instance. This reduces downtime, increases compliance and streamlines processes freeing up valuable time for system administrators. 


Time reduced for SuccessFactors Migration



Less data-related errors at project go-live


Number of clicks for stakeholders to view real-time analytical summary

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Business challenges

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Clients usually rely on a disparate network of various systems, platforms, and datasets.

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Running across multiple systems creates significant overheads, product gaps and limitations and a reliance on manual paper-based processes is slow and leaves processed data inaccurate or incomplete.

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Poor data quality has a major impact on the efficient running of processes and the ability to make data driven decisions.

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The decentralisation of a system leads to a lack of visibility across a network of locations. 

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The migration into the new SF environment is usually complex with many data sources to reconcile.

Project objectives

A data migration activity is one of the first data management initiatives a customer can utilise to ensure it starts off with good quality data. The key objective for the data migration activity is to consistently provide a system implementation project with accurate and fit for purpose data. 

The EPI-USE Data Orchestration suite is designed to support customers with managing all aspects of the data management lifecycle as they migrate to and operate on their SuccessFactors platform.

There are multiple challenges encountered during data migration. To reduce the risk, time and effort that goes into data migration activities, our migration offering is designed to automate the transformation, validation and loading of data into your new environment.

The result of a successful data migration contributes  to efficient testing, on-time and on-budget completion of the project and importantly business confidence in the implemented target solution.

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