Advanced Clinical - Clinical Trials Monitoring

An Overview

Advanced Clinical – Advanced Clinical, part of the Advanced Group, is a global, clinical research organization that meets staffing and consulting needs for the pharmaceutical industry. Advanced Clinical provides full service, CRO, patient recruitment and retention services, and strategic resourcing solutions including FSP and staffing services with global representation in over 50 countries. They aim to provide clients with a better clinical experience and making a positive difference in the world of clinical research.

Quick Facts

Headquarters: Chicago, IL, USA

Industry: Recruitment (Pharmaceutical)

Founded: 1994

Reach: Over 50 countries

Business Need

Existing (COTS) Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) came at a steep price and were not customizable enough to meet the need of the Advanced Group. In evaluating their options, they determined that building their own system could be done at a fraction of the cost and with all of the flexibility that their business required using the Mendix platform.


Instead of recording all trials via paper, the application generates site visit reports and store them all in Veeva Vault, which is a cloud enterprise content management platform. It manages all the site visits of staff and clinics in pharmaceutical trials and tracks all clinical trials. MAC application also integrates an e-signature certification process allowing all processes to be done inside the app.


All trials were done via a paper process prior to the application being built. The application is saving a significant amount of processing costs and has decreased the time that Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) must spend to write their reports.

The MAC application keeps track of deadlines and reminds CRAs of work that must be completed which reduces the burden on managers who, in the past, had to manage these deadlines. The MAC application also logs changes that were made which adds traceability to a process that was previously opaque. This is especially important since the Advanced Group deals with sensitive information and is subject to government regulation.