Major US Manufacturer

EPI-USE assists major US Manufacturing company to standardize Time and Attendance processes and as a result saves the company millions annually.

Major US Manufacturer: An Overview

This client is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of tissue, pulp, packaging, building products and related chemicals.

Starting in 2018, EPI-USE partnered with the manufacturer to provide strategic direction, support, and technical services to optimize Time and Attendance business practices at close to 200 locations across the United States, affecting 23,000 employees. The project vision was threefold: provide meaningful and actionable overtime and absenteeism analytics in real-time, improve the consumer experience, and improve time to value while increasing scalability.

Quick Facts

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Industry: Paper and Pulp

Employee Count: 35,000

Plants: 179 plants across the USA

Systems Replaced: Multiple including paper-based processes

UKG_Partner RGB

Project Scope

  • Upgraded from a legacy version of UKG Workforce Central™ to Version 8.1.
  • Standardization of configuration and business practices.
  • UKG functionality expanded to include Advanced Scheduling and Absence Management.
  • Completion of comprehensive labour analytic tools that identify unplanned overtime labour costs, providing real-time actionable analytics to supervisors.
  • Mobile functionality.
  • FMLA daily interface created between FMLA vendor and UKG.

Key Wins

  • Upgraded to most recent release version.
  • $12.3MM saved annually from Labor Optimization.
  • 111 attendance policies were standardized to five.
  • 170 different functional roles in UKG were reduced to 10 standard role configurations based on job function rather than a job title.
  • Over half of all legacy pay codes were consolidated or retired.
  • Added functionality provided autonomy and visibility to employees to view schedules and request time off.