Sudenga - IOT-based CBM application

Sudenga Industries: An Overview

Sudenga Industries is a leading manufacturer of grain, seed and feed processing and handling equipment. Products include bucket elevators, chain conveyors, catwalk and tower, grain bin sweeps for standard and industrial use, bulk feed trucks and trailers, feed processing systems including horizontal mixers, micro ingredient skids, hammermills, and computerized controls, power sweeps, portable augers, stationary round tube and u-trough augers, seed belt conveyors, grain container loaders and flat pile loaders. Call Sudenga Industries today for assistance in planning your next grain or feed handling system. Put 125 years of experience to work for you. Sudenga Industries: Manufacturers of fine grain, seed and feed handling equipment since 1888.

Quick Facts

Headquarters: George, IA

Founded: 1888

Industry: Agricultural Manufacturing

Developers: Nolan Ramsey, Solution Architect | Christopher Minor, Technical Engineer

Business Need

Sudenga wanted an updated version of their current system to allow them to take advantage of the internet of things. They also wanted to create the app quickly (2-3 Months) to demonstrate at trade shows after the new year.


We designed an app that allowed their clients to create feed formulas, manage their mill(s), ingredients, and livestock. The application also monitored the creation of the feed batches. Mendix was a good choice for this company because of its ability to take advantage of the internet of things and its fast development capability. Also, they wanted one of their employees to learn to develop with Mendix so he could manage the application after the project was completed.


We created an app that met all their needs. It was about 90% done before we ran out of hours but the in-house developer had learned enough to complete the project. The scope did expand over time but the core needs were met. The impact was significant. They were given an updated look and feel with the app and with the IoT implemented they had a platform that they could build reports from and keep track of feed production in real-time.