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Training and Change Consulting Services

Your People Development and Transformation Partner.


EPI-USE’s Training and Change Consulting Services increases project success; by ensuring that whatever training and change you embark on is sustainable, accommodates employee developmental needs and meets your business strategic objectives. In other words we support your business in delivering a Return on Investment (ROI). Our holistic approach and thorough understanding of people, how they best learn and what your business wants to achieve is key to our success.

EPI-USE’s Training and Change Services comprises of four service offerings:

  • Content Development,
  • Training Delivery Services,
  • Organisational Change Management (OCM), and Knowledge and Skills Transfer Management (KSTM)

We understand that every client is different, and every project needs its own unique flavour. That’s why the TCCS’ team is committed to spend time to customise a complete education and change solution addressing each client’s specific needs.

We promise to deliver: Expert Solutions, Excellent Service, Every project, Every time.

Content Development

Types of material:
  • Multimedia
  • Paper-based
Types of projects:
  • Systems
  • Process
  • Vocational
  • Product

Training Delivery

Project Phases:
  • Preparation
  • Delivery
  • Admin/Support
Course Catalogue

Knowledge and Skills Transfer

  • Compact
  • Standard
  • Comprehensive
  • Types of projects:
  • Any technology-based project
  • Prosci
  • Engagement Curve

Organisational Change Management

Type of Projects:
  • ERP
  • Process
Transfer methods:
  • Structured(Formal)
  • Semi-Structured (On-the-job)