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Elevating-File-Security-in a-Growing-Enterprise

As enterprises expand, the importance of securing file uploads becomes increasingly critical. This realization came to the forefront during our partnership with a client who was experiencing rapid growth, surpassing 500 employees and associates, alongside an increase in external user engagement. Addressing the potential vulnerabilities of file uploads against malware and viruses quickly ascended as a primary concern.

Our approach involved a synergistic integration with the Mendix platform, focusing on enhancing its capabilities to meet our client's evolving needs. Recognizing the necessity for real-time file scanning without impacting the web server's responsiveness and user experience, we innovated a solution that complemented the Mendix environment.

We proposed the deployment of a virus scanner on AWS, leveraging the scalability of an elastic Kubernetes service (EKS) cluster. This solution was designed to offer virus scanning services through an API interface, seamlessly interfacing with the Mendix platform. During the initial phase, as the client's application was hosted in the Mendix cloud, we implemented stringent security measures within the API. These included a bespoke authentication mechanism and a dynamic IP filtering system, aligned with the Mendix Cloud’s operational framework.

The project entered a new phase when the client migrated their Mendix application to the Mendix Private Cloud on AWS. This strategic move afforded us and the client enhanced control over scaling and the integration of additional services. By colocating the Mendix application and the virus scanner within the same virtual private cloud (VPC), we streamlined the infrastructure, thereby improving the efficiency of the document scanning process.

Now fully operational and serving the client's entire organization, our solution stands as a testament to our ability to strategically align system architecture with client needs. This endeavor not only fortified the client's data infrastructure but also equipped them with the tools necessary to sustain and accelerate their growth.