Last updated: 01 March 2021


The company is engaged in the research, development, implementation, and support of specialized computer software.

Requesting procedures

A person who wants access to the records must complete the necessary request form, available here (Annexure B), or the forms can be accessed on https://inforegulator.org.za/paia-forms/

The completed request form must be sent to the address, email address, or fax number provided in this manual, and marked for the attention of the Information Officer. If this request is made on behalf of a person, proof must be submitted of the capacity in which the requester is making this request.

Availability of the Manual

Copies of this manual are available for inspection, free of charge, at the offices of EPI-USE AFRICA (PTY) LTD, from the South African Human Rights Commission and here.

Please note that the PAIA Manual is only applicable to South Africa.

If you have any other queries outside of South African jurisdiction you can visit the Privacy Policy page or alternatively contact us in the following ways: