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EPI-USE RAD, in collaboration with the City of Santa Cruz's IT team, led the charge in pioneering a state-of-the-art solution through Mendix development, marking a groundbreaking achievement in streamlining service requests, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering community connectivity. The collaboration stands as a shining example of innovative low-code solutions that set a new standard for responsiveness and engagement.

The Challenge: Aligned Santa Cruz's Technology with Community Growth

In the heart of Santa Cruz, where the ocean meets innovation, the City faced a pressing challenge. With a strategic priority to foster an engaged and informed community, the IT team, comprised of just 20 individuals, grappled with aligning technology with the city's growing needs. The aim was clear: enhancing community engagement while managing operational efficiency. The small team needed a solution that was not only cost-effective but could also support the development of essential applications crucial for community connectivity.

The Solution: Empowered Santa Cruz with Low-Code Innovation

Laura Schmidt, serving as the IT Director for the City of Santa Cruz at the time, recognized that traditional approaches wouldn't suffice. Turning to low-code development as the beacon of innovation, Schmidt chose Mendix as the platform to drive their transformative journey. Recognizing the power of low-code to provide flexibility, adaptability, and a rapid time-to-use turnaround, Schmidt collaborated with EPI-USE RAD to leverage Mendix's capabilities. The goal was set – building a modern, future-proof platform that would not only consolidate service request mechanisms but also align with the city's strategy for community engagement.

The Outcome and Benefits: Transformative Triumph

In a remarkable three-week sprint, the collaboration between EPI-USE RAD, Mendix, and the City of Santa Cruz IT team bore fruit with the creation of the Community Request for Service Portal. This centralized platform, available on both web and mobile, streamlined service requests and connected the city with its residents like never before. Operational efficiency was significantly enhanced, with users able to report issues seamlessly, uploading photos and geolocation data. The portal stands as a testament to the City's commitment to community-first technology.

The City not only had a centralized hub for service requests but also a platform that enabled informed decision-making through data. The success of the Community Request for Service Portal was a preview of the City's tech-enabled future, with plans to expand and add more service request types. With Mendix as the foundation, the City of Santa Cruz didn't just embrace innovation but shaped it, creating a more efficient and engaged community.