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Background: Clarks' International Legacy

Clarks, a renowned British shoe manufacturer and retailer, has a significant global presence with over 1,000 stores and franchises. It is known for its innovation and quality in the footwear industry.

HR Challenge at Clarks

The HR team at Clarks aimed to enhance employee engagement and reduce administrative costs. They identified the need for a self-service portal for pay information, a move aimed at streamlining HR processes and modernizing employee interaction.

EPI-USE RAD's Mendix-Based Solution

EPI-USE RAD, leveraging its deep understanding of Mendix and enterprise applications, partnered with Clarks to develop a custom solution. The goal was to create a user-friendly, secure, and accessible platform across various devices, reflecting the diverse needs of Clarks' global workforce.

Key Contributions of EPI-USE RAD

  • Rapid Development: EPI-USE RAD, utilizing Mendix's low-code platform, developed the solution swiftly, showcasing the potential of rapid application development.
  • Customization and Scalability: The bespoke solution was tailored to meet Clarks' specific requirements while ensuring scalability for future enhancements.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: EPI-USE RAD ensured seamless integration with Clarks' existing systems, including SAP, enhancing overall operational coherence.

Impact on Clarks' HR Operations

The successful implementation led to a significant reduction in administrative tasks, with the elimination of the need to print and distribute 170,000 documents annually. This digital transformation not only resulted in cost savings but also improved employee engagement and satisfaction.

Conclusion: EPI-USE RAD's Pivotal Role

This project exemplifies EPI-USE RAD's capability to deliver high-quality, rapid, and tailored solutions using Mendix, significantly enhancing Clarks' HR processes and setting a benchmark in digital HR solutions.